Sunday, April 26, 2009

Salad lunch

Today's Lunch

Fresh Raw Romaine Salad, Tomato, Cucumber, Parsley
Olive oil + Salt

I know... I probably eat too much salt, well I don't sprinkle all that much anyway. Otherwise the salad tastes a bit bland.
But the combination of the salad + olive oil + salt is just so good.
Sometimes I use Roasted Sesame oil, mmmm the aroma is just great.

Have you ever eaten salad the Italian way ?
That's how they have their salad.
Mix Vegetables and lots of Olive oil (sometimes plus Balsamic vinegar etc, but most of the time, its just Olive oil) and Salt.
It took me a while to get use to, it was weird at first, I was like "what ?", but in the end, I couldn't eat without it. :)
I usually get those prepared salad in plastic bowl in supermarket, yeah yeah... lazy me.
And I love rucola / rockets, the taste is just awesome.

So.... salads everyday for me.
and I eat fruits throughout the day, so I'm never hungry.
other that fruits, I also sometimes have Coconut, sweet potato, it depends.
And when I have cravings for dessert, I have some of those traditional dessert where they use coconut milk instead of milk/dairy product and they use palm sugar instead of refined sugar.
Will post pics when I have some :)

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