Monday, May 4, 2009

Is Ginger good for you ?

Why do I love Ginger ?
Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

First of all,
I used to hate ginger.
I don't like the taste of Ginger.
Ginger drinks, ginger candy, ginger garnish on food, ginger everything, period.

My dad often drinks Ginger tea (sliced ginger, add water, boil, drink the water)
I used to think that he was weird drinking that.
In chinese Restaurants, My sister likes to eat the thinly sliced ginger garnish on top of the porridge
well, I still can't eat those :P

But then I learnt the Amazing properties of ginger,
Ginger is good to eliminate nausea,
it's good when your stomach is acting up,
it's also good to have when you have a cold.
and for a lot other things as well, go search for ginger properties.

so I actually gave ginger a try.
and Hey....... it's not so bad !!!
I take Ginger candy with me when I'm travelling to help when I get dizzy on the road.
that and Tamarind candy which is sour :)

and now from time to time,
I take Ginger + Pandan leaves Herbal drink.
Just put the two together and boil them.
(I still can't eat raw Ginger garnish, though)

So... Why do I love ginger ?
I love the Warmth effect it gives.

Unlike Alcohol which gives you slight warmth and then actually makes you feel colder.
and too much of alcohol makes u drunk n your face all red and a hungover the next day.

Ginger actually warms the body and it has a lot of beneficial properties for you.
Take a sip and pause,
and after a few seconds,
you start feeling the warmth starting in your throat and it goes down to your chest.
I just love that sensation.
then you take another sip and you can feel the warmth all over again :)

So there :) that's why I love ginger.

Click here for How to make Ginger Herbal drink

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