Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getuk and Dadar Gulung - Trad Indo Dessert

What's that ?
well, those are the names of some of Indonesian traditional Vegan Desserts.
well... except the Dadar Gulung.

Getuk or Gethuk is made of Steamed Cassava / Tapioca and then pounded.
added with palm sugar or white sugar.
then moulded into different shapes, and sprinkled with shaved coconut meat.
(or you can eat is just as is without the shaved coconut)
The result is this chewy yummy treats, kinda like a soft fudgy consistency, and totally Vegan :)
The one I have is the simple square ones :)
The V-shaped garnish is from Pandan leaf.

Getuk - Traditional Indonesian Vegan Dessert

The yellowy pale one is Getuk with white sugar.
and the browny one is Getuk with palm sugar.
They come in combination like that, otherwise I'd prefer the palm sugar, because it's well, palm sugar, it has more aroma and it's chewier :)

This other traditional dessert is called
Dadar Gulung
. (not Vegan)

The filling is shaved coconut meat cooked with palm sugar and palm leaves is added for the aroma :)
The wrappings is similiar to crepe, it's soft and it has eggs in it.
I thought this has no eggs and ate a few that day, because you can in fact make crepe without egg *i think* but it turns out the batter is added with egg. (1 egg to make around 10-15 rolls)
uaaaa............ but hey... it was good.... but I'll try to avoid it next time ;p hohoho
The green color is totally natural color from suji leaves. (Pleomele angustifolia N.E Brown)

So... Enjoy :)

Dadar Gulung & Getuk

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My Little Space said...

These are all my favourite! I love sweet things. And you have a very lovely blog. I'll try to go through all of them slowly. Have a nice day!

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