Friday, July 24, 2009

Mango Ice Cream - Vegan - Almost Raw ;)

I made that.... ;D *gloating*

So.......... everyone was eating ice cream at bean ice cream, sweet corn ice cream, red bean ice cream, taro ice cream....
They were eating the traditional coconut based ice cream, which's called Es Puter, translated to "Stirred Ice cream"
well, because it's ice cream, and because you have to keep stirring to make ice cream,
just like any kinds of ice cream ;)
but this one still has added sweet condensed milk.
So I'm looking for alternatives.
Why ?? because they made me want ice cream ;p
Yes there are quite a lot of traditional Vegan ice cream, coconut based, but in most case, milk are added, because people seems to like it more now.

I'm making Mango Ice Cream.
It's Vegan, it's Almost Raw (everything is Raw, except for the Palm Sugar)

wow... another Recipe.......
After reading here and there about Coconut based Vegan ice cream recipe, I've decided not to use any recipes, but there are some preparations though.

How to make Vegan Mango Ice Cream
just make a mango smoothie (mango pure + coconut milk)
then freeze and eat while almost all frozen
(you can add the liquid palm sugar in the smoothie (lots of sugar and will darken the orange smoothie color) or drizzle the liquid palm sugar later.)
but hey... if you want to spend lots of time in the kitchen....
Here goes :
1. Puree Mango (cut up fresh mango and puree it)
2. Coconut Milk (I prefer raw)
3. Liquid palm sugar or white sugar (or no sugar at all, will explain later)
yes that's that.... that's the recipe !!!
How much of each ?
Just think when you're making a fruit smoothie.
Everything is according to your taste.
It's that simple !!
I like to add more mango, because I want to really taste the intense mango flavor ;)
If you add sugar, make sure you add more, because when the ice cream is frozen, your tastebuds probably got a bit numb, so it needs more sugar to taste sweet.
But you can actually not add sugar and drizzled some of the liquid palm sugar on the ice cream, and it'll make it sweet and you don't have to take in a lot of sugar, which is healthier.

So... here we go :)

I'm using Fresh Raw coconut milk,
So this is also How you make Raw Coconut milk the almost traditional way.
If you manually grate the coconut instead of using a blender, then you are doing it the traditional way all the way ;p
skip the first 3 photos if you're using instant coconut milk.

To make coconut milk, you need to get the old tough coconut meat.
I bought 2 coconuts, scrape the dark outer skin and cut it up with a scissor, yes a scissor ;p
and put it in the blender, add some water, ready to go.

I have more than enough coconut pieces and I put them in plastic bags, and was going to put them in the freezer for later use. and thought to myself, "Why didn't I think of this before?"
So I turned on the blender, and started blending.
But the sound was louder than when you're blending ice cubes, phew... luckily I didn't wreck my blender. Now How can stash those coconut pieces leftovers in the freezer for them to get rock hard and put it on the blender ? That's why no-one ever thought of stashing old coconut pieces in the freezer, well, unless they have a super powerful blender, then, it's OK.
So next time, I don't think I'll use my blender for the old coconuts again ;p
I was thinking of using my juicer, but I don't want to risk it.
I should've just done it the traditional way, that is to not cut up the coconut and grate it manually and add a lil bit of water and start squeezing to extract the coconut milk.
Oh well, you learn something new everyday ;p hohoho

So... even with technology, I still have to manually squeeze the blended coconut and strain it to get the coconut milk.
So that's done...

Next I cut up one big mango, I use Mangga Harum Manis, it's one of the traditional Indonesian Mango variety, which is sweet and juicy and succulent and bright orange.
If you've ever eaten a mango dessert in a Thai Restaurant, you know the one ;)
I almost couldn't stop eating the mango while cutting it, they're so fresh and sweet and slightly sour, just perfect... mmmm I can eat this all day .... need to cream... mmmm

Put the mango in the blender.
I didn't add water when blending, instead, I added the coconut milk. this way the mix stays thick. Blend.

So this the mango puree, straight from the blender.
Now you can add white sugar or liquid palm sugar.
Or you can choose NOT to add sugar at all, and you can drizzle the ready ice cream with liquid palm sugar. It's healthier and seriously, the sweetness, tastes about the same.

Liquid palm sugar added.
Remember, that using the liquid palm sugar will cause the bright fresh orange color to turn brownish.
So next time, I'll choose not to add any sugar at all, but will drizzle the liquid palm sugar on the ice cream.That way the ice cream color stays fresh and bright and appetizing and I end up eating less sugar, which is good ;) They taste the same anyway.

And Remember, Make the mix according to your taste,
if you think you need more coconut milk/sugar/mango, add some more.

Mix done. Put in the fridge.
I read that you should stir if every few hours, or put it in a mixer /blender to soften it and put it back in the kitchen.
So I kept going back and forth stiring. The ice cream was kinda flake-y because of the thin ice crystals, so I thought stirring it every hour would eliminate it, but it didn't haha.
This is what I should do.
I should've just left it for around 3 hours, and since it won't freeze rock hard like water would, after around 3-4 hours I can easily put it into a food processer or a spice blender (so you won't need to add water like you would in a normal blender) and blend till smooth and put it back in the freezer, and that's it.

Everytime I stirred, I ate some.... and that whole bowl, turns into just 1 mug.

Thaw a little bit before serving, it melts quickly and you can shape it with a spoon into this :

mmm yummmmm ;)
I can still feel the lil bit of ice crystals, but it's mostly soft and creamy

Add the Liquid palm sugar for decorations

Or just drizzle it like crazy.....
oh boy they melt quickly
yummmm ;D

It may not be the perfect Vegan Mango Ice Cream, but that was good for me :)
It even has my mum's approval, she doesn't even like Mango desserts in general.

Next time it's gonna be avocado+pandan ice cream.
All green.... yummmmmmmmmmm


My Little Space said...

Wow, looks like need a lot of work to get something nice! said...

I know... haha.... halfway through, I just wanted to eat freshly cut mango.
But it's actually easy and quick if you use ready made everything, so you can skip making the coconut milk yourself.
Just make a mango smoothie and freeze and that's it :)

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