Monday, August 31, 2009


mmmmm coconutttt.....

I'm so lucky there's a street vendor selling coconuts near my home.
I don't usually eat it like this...because I get "exhausted" of scraping the tender coconut meat inside :p
I'd buy 3 or 4 coconuts and pour all the coconut water into a container, scrap the inside and dunk everything into that container and put it in the fridge.
And when I want to have some coconuts, I'd just pour them into a big bowl ;)
They're usually all gone in 2 days because everyone in the house keeps on coming back to get some more.

Coconuts are very good for you, they're a natural isotonic which means it gives a rapid rehydration when you're dehydrated.
more info here :


Divina Pe said...

I love coconuts. Although we have a lot of coconut trees in our garden, nobody knows how to climb it. But we are looking for someone. Coconut water is really great. I agree with you.

Vegiegail said...

Yum! I love coconuts! said...

Hi Divina Pe & Vegie gail :D
Coconuts are just great, aren't they?
I'm thinking to drink coconut water instead of water when I start my workout routine soon :D

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