Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Traditional Desserts - Kolak Pisang & Biji Salak

This is also one of my favorite Traditional Indonesian Desserts
and yes it's Vegan :)

Kolak pisang is Banana Kolak (top right, in the bowl)
I honestly don't know what kolak/kolek means ;p
It's banana pieces boiled in rich palm sugar & water bath. (pandan leaves included of course)
You can also use fresh ripe banana if you prefer it raw :)
and then when you want to eat it, you just add the coconut milk to it (this is like adding fresh cream to your dairy dessert)
The banana used here is Pisang Gepok
It has a subtle sour-y taste to it. It's just perfect.
It's creamy and sweet and soup-y and it's just heaven.

The other one is Biji salak. (in the blue mug)
Salak is snake fruit (Salacca zalacca)
and biji salak is Salak's pit/seed.
It's probably called biji salak because it ressembles the round shape of salak's pit.
It's made with grated sweet potato mixed with sago flour.
shaped into little ball shapes or rolled into a long cylinder-y shape and cut into small pieces.
then boiled for a short while... just until they float.
then chuck everything into the palm sugar + water mixture
and add a lil bit of coconut milk to serve.
I prefer to make this myself because the ones they sell has more sago flour to sweet potato ratio so it's more chewy with a tiny hint of sweet potato taste.

You can eat the Biji Salak warm or cold.
But I prefer to eat the Kolak Pisang warm and sometimes I add raw ginger juice / boiled ginger water to the mix to add warmth to it ;)
mmmmmmmmm.............. yum yummmmmmmmm.............
You can even mix the two together, like I did :)

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