Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brocollis, Salad and Onion Rings

This was what I ate before dinner, for dinner ;p
Not the prettiest photo in the world, but they taste good :)

- Brocollis

- Raw local salad called Karedok
usually it's drenched in peanut sauce + a lil bit of galangal, but I wanted just the vegs.
(go search for Karedok's photos on google images)
usually consisting of : (all raw)
cabbage, string bean, cucumber, round green eggplant/apple aubergine, beansprouts, basil
I requested not to add the beansprouts.
I think they forgot my basil
and sometimes they add raw sweet potato, thus the orange-y bits :)

- Onion Rings - I guess there's egg and chicken stock and msg in the batter.
But they were really yummy and made me eat my raw salad with ease.

I had some leftover for supper ;p

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Debra said...

The salad looks sooo good!
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

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