Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CocoNutty Mango smoothie

I got hungry just now...
I know it's already 10 pm, but if I don't eat now I won't be able to sleep ;)

So :
1/3 of a small cucumber (I keep wanting to add this in)
1/2 leftover orange
1/2 mango
1 banana
I wanted to add fresh aloe vera but the plant is outside and it's dark so I got scared ;p
This taste super good !!!!!!
You can just stop here and enjoy
it's sweet soury fresh :)

but, I added :
1 spoonful of organic golden flax seed (ground first)
and a tad bit too much of virgin coconut oil
I didn't use a spoon and just pour out of the bottle, maybe around 2 spoonful....

I know, cool glass right ? ;p
and see all the ground flax at the bottom of the glass ?

Time to mix

Now it taste coconutty sweet soury fresh smoothie :)

it's kinda eating a coconut biscuit blended in a sweet soury smoothie...
know what I mean ?
No ?
well then, you'll just have to purposely accidently pour in too much of the virgin coconut oil ;p
or maybe not :)

I have yet to know how to identify a good virgin coconut oil
Organic ones aren't available, but I suppose nobody really use pesticides for coconuts in Asia, they just grow really well here, but I don't know for certain, I sure do hope that mine is naturally organic :) and I hope my virgin coconut oil is a good one though, because it mildly smell like coconut, but I'll try another brand after this to compare.

How Do You Identify a Good Quality Coconut Oil?

While I was writing this....
I was watching this :)
Surprises inside.... enjoy ;D


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a delightful smoothie! Very refreshing with the addition of cucumber!

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