Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anti Candida Diet Day 4

done on Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why ?
because I read this,
"The advice I give to people who ask me about candida is to go on a really low-fat diet for a while, avoiding all oil, nuts and avocado."
So, since I was reading about how it's the fat, and not sugar, that's causing the candida issue. I'm going to try No Fat today.
No Extra virgin Olive oil, No Virgin Coconut Oil, No almonds.

But I'm gonna see what happens, if I feel weak, I'll probably add it in.
Food will be Vegetables (cooked and raw) and maybe some fresh lemon juice as the dressing.
I'm still being a Vegan in this diet, but If I feel really really bad, I might add fish or whatever's available in the kitchen.

7.30 am Woke up
8 am Drank a small glass of my blend of
- 1/2 lemon,
- handful of parsley (wished they were organic)
- 1 fresh aloe vera meat
- 1/2 a small cucumber
9.30 am Breakfast
- a capsule of Acidophilus (which I still dunno whether it's still alive or not, and I keep on forgetting to take it 30 mins before eating)
- steamed brocolli
- steamed carrots (they were sweet, but hey)
- mung bean sprouts
- lettuce
- cucumber
no dressing no salt
I was a bit weak at this point, because after I drank my blend at 8 am, soon after I felt kinda hungry and I probably should've eaten my breakfast not long after, but instead, I made some sprouts, I went outside to sit in the morning sun for a while, (actually, I couldn't find a chair nearby so I squatted ;p I didn't sit on the floor because I didn't want to get my short dirty), then I went to the bathroom, and so I ate my breakfast at 9.30 am.
Resulting in minor headache & feeling a little weak.
But I'm feeling better afterwards, but I felt sleepy so I thought I'd take a morning nap (instead I wrote this post)
10.50 am Ginger Tea
11 am still feeling the slightest almost non existent headache, or is it nausea ? can't tell the difference.
stomach is starting to mildly rumble for food ? Am I hungry again ?
11.35 am small pre-lunch
mung bean sprouts + steamed broccoli
1 pm
I will sleep now (please doggies, don't bark, please don't bark ;p)
nope... doggies didn't bark at all, but everyone else in the house seems to be busy making noises
it was a bad nap ;(
2.40 pm woke up very very hungry
not a painful hungry, a good hungry
I went to the kitchen right away to have 2/3 of a cucumber
(I've used the 1/3 earlier)
boy... cucumber never tasted that good, that was a good sweet crunchy cucumber.
3 pm still hungry, so I took a handful of freshly steamed broccolis, oh that was good and warm.
then after a while I had 1 garlic, crushed.
When I was walking back to my room, I felt like a slight burn on my upper abdomen, a heartburn maybe ? I dunno I've never had a heartburn before, I think. I also felt a slight headache and nause. Could it be the instant death of the candida ? I wish
It went away after 1 minute. and oohhh... 1 garlic burp...yuck.
(Update. I think it's because the garlic is stuck in the end of my oesophagus, just right before entering my stomach, I didn't drink a lot of water when I eat raw mashed garlic because I don't want to dilute the garlic, usually I'm fine after I take a bite of something, I think it helps "push" down the garlic into my stomach)
Later that afternoon I ate again, around 4-5 pm maybe
(steamed broccoli, sprouts, raw zucchini, but didn't finish the whole thing) I felt normal.

I then gave my 2 dogs a bath... I got hungry again in the middle and snacked on some broccolis.
I notice when I was squatting near my dog and stood up, I felt a slight headache, just that once, not all the time and I've been squatting and standing all the time then.
"There is another type of dizziness upon standing that's caused by postural hypotension. This type of dizziness, faintness or light-headedness results from a decrease in blood flow to the brain, due to a drop in blood pressure upon standing up. At one time or another, we've probably all experienced mild postural hypotension from standing up too quickly. As long as it occurs only occasionally, there's little cause for alarm."
(Update, I didn't experience any dizziness upon standing up anymore)
6.40 pm I ate the afternoon's leftover (broccoli, sprouts, zucchini)
Sometimes the food tastes ok, sometimes it just taste so bland and boring, like right now ;p
8 pm I got hungry again so I had a small bowl of sprouts with a little bit of salt.
9 pm I made myself a blend of
- 1 fresh aloe vera
- half a small cucumber
- coconut water & meat
- a little bit of ginger tea (cold - in the fridge)
(I forgot to apply the blend to my face as skinfood, oh well)
It was good, not too sweet, not too bland.

I know I said that I wasn't going to have any fats today, but at least that coconut is a good fat.
I'm going to have my usual intake of good fats tomorrow, some avocado, some almond, some extra virgin olive oil.
I'm sleepy now and I'm going to bed soon..... :)
10.30 pm I really need to sleep now, sleepy since 9 pm but insisted on writing this post, oh when will I ever learn ?
I'm starting to have a mild headache now, kinda throbbing.... the one u get when you need sleep but don't sleep, and my eyes are tired.
10.50 pm I thought, just maybe I needed some fresh coconut water, took a glass, nope... headache still there.
1 am I'm back in front of the computer now, not sleepy anymore, headache still here.
1.33 am My eyes are still tired but Headache's going away, and hopefully I don't get hungry now, I'll try to sleep now.
I think I slept at 2 am, luckily I didn't get hungry in the middle of the night.

I checked and I lost 1-1.5 kg since I started this anti-candida diet.
I'm not doing this to lose weight as I'm very happy with my previous weight.

At this point,
I'm tired of researching for anti-candida diets and other relating info, some say this, some say that, it's confusing sometimes, so I'm just gonna use common sense.
The more I read the more everything seems to be connected, the symptoms, the conditions, the cure, etc etc.
So what's best is to take care of ourselves, and listen to our body and don't overeat and seriously, no junk food if possible.

I didn't take any supplements today did I ?
I guess not.

I know I know, I'm supposed to have more variety in my vegetable choice, will try to eat more different veggies tomorrow.
And I must eat when I get hungry so I don't get dizzy, maybe my blood sugar running a bit low ?

I seem to have forgotten to check on my Vitiligo and took pics for my own documentation (won't be posting them ;p)
will do tomorrow.

In the Toilet,
read this only if you're curious ;p
I always "go" every morning and today it was like a mild diarrhea and it stank a bit (sorry ;p), color was moss green.
Probably because of the spirullina I took the day before, it always happen when I take spirullina.

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

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