Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anti Candida Diet Day 6

Introducing Fish

done on Monday, November 2, 2009

8 am I woke up after only 2.30 hours of sleep
I need to get ready to go to the bank.... still sleepy
I ate steamed broccolis and vegetable saute, dunno what kind of veg ;p
I then
10.10 am I started nibbling on steamed broccolis I brought with me
11.30 am Mixed boiled salad (Gado-gado) with lime juice
(boiled mung bean sprouts, cabbage, string beans, fresh cucumber)
hey...I was at the food court and there was no salad around.
12:00 pm 1 Multivitamin capsule
1 Mega Acidophilus (just bought a new one)
I know that there's no such thing as a complete live food in a bottle, but I'm feeling safer that I've got them now.

12:45 pm in the car again, nibbling on the sautee vegs

3 pm I was hungry again, good hungry
but I was kinda lazy to eat.
3.30 pm I ate broccolis, sautee vegs
yupp... the same thing as this morning....
and some rockets/rucola
I loved rockets and I used to eat just rockets with olive oil, salt and some grissini (breadsticks) when I was in Milan, but this imported rockets from Australia are so bitter :(
4 pm 1 capsule of Red Pandanus (high in Betacarotene, etc)
around 4.30 pm - 5 pm Nap
5 pm I woke up so hungry
the kind that needs food right away
I ate fish..... yupppppppppp
a White Pomfret to be exact.
steamed with garlic, ginger, spring onions and a little bit of salt
yup... that's the fish :)

I ate half if it (it's not that big) and sone broccolis, yesterday's leftover zucchini and mung bean sprouts sautee.
half a lemon and water.

7 pm
I don't know why I have a stomach ache at this time
started to have a slight headache
7.30 pm I drank some ginger Tea (I think it was cold)
and I felt normal after that

9.30 pm Started to feel hungry again
10.20 pm
I ate the fish again, lightly sautee asparagus, some coriander leaves, okras, lettuce.
and I drank the rest of the ginger Tea

I think I slept at 1 am

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

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