Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've done posting all my journey / documentation during the Anti Candida Diet.
I don't care if people are going to read it or not.
I post them here for myself and if it can be useful for others than that's great :)

Do you ever feel that ?
You want to post something but you just haven't gotten around to it and it felt like homework and after you're done with it and posted it, you feel relieved.
maybe that's just me ;p

Another thing is I want to add at least one picture on every post.
Why ?
It makes people read the post.
I know it makes me read someone else's post and if the post have no picture on it, I tend to not read it ;p
But it turns out I have other stuff to do so I tend to not have the time to add pics on the post, well I could actually add a pic instead of writing this post, but hey.....

I also don't have the patience nor the skill to shoot a perfect picture of my food.
I go over to other people's blogs and their photos are super perfect, they make me wanna eat my screen.
My photos and my food are simple, messy at times, but it's what they are
it's who I am, a little bit messy but also a clean freak at the same time.
So it's okay....:D

Do your eyes get tired writing posts that are too long ?
Reading too many blogs ?
Editing photos
Setting up your blog layouts ?
Mine gets tired, so I always try to take breaks in between but most of the times when I'm in the middle of writing something, I don't take breaks and it's really bad for my eyes because they get too tired.
So people.... Take a break, Rest your eyes
Do a little gentle eye exercise.... Tap around your eyes to increase blood flow
Take care of your eyes :)

I'm taking a break now :)
well maybe in 5 mins

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Debra said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Debra @ Vegan Family Style
ps check out the cookbook giveaway on my blog

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