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More on the Anti-Candida Diet

This is what I found out more :

Other than fresh good quality (Organic) Vegetables, some good fats,
some good quality meat for the Non-Vegans

These are what I found to be beneficial to add to the Anti-Candida Diet
(and What I can easily find here)
well... they're good for you in general too, so :)

Good for candida :
aloe vera

Supplements :
Kelp / iodine

Aim for a Healthier Balanced you :
Prayers, Healing Vizualisation, Breathing
Morning Sunlight

I also read that Candida lives on acid environment.
so it's a good idea to do the Alkaline Diet.
Stress also worsen your candida condition.

Avoid tomatoes for now because they're acid.

Always have food ready and eat when u're hungry !!!!!!!
don't starve yourself, you're not trying to lose weight, you are trying to eliminate candida.

I don't know whether Virgin Coconut Oil helps or not, some say yes, same say no
Green apple is said to be OK in some websites, but some also say no to all fruits
But if it helps me gobble up aloe vera + parsley + celery juice + other stuff
then it's a good thing ??? maybe ???
I seem to be able to "withstand" the vegetable taste without additional sugar (fruits)
So I think I'll just add water to my blend, but we'll see....


This is the stuff I found on the internet and I've found some information on them,
(but some sites also sell products, so I don't really trust all of the information listed, use common sense and stay open to learning more and consult your doctor)


White tounge may be a sign of Candida
So check your tongue :)
about candida
green apples may be eaten
sweet potato is considered alkaline forming food
cooked carrots are bad
raw carrots are a yes and a no, it contains sugar but is also an antifungal
so if u must, eat with the fibre I suppose ?
St. johns wort
The bacterium that causes tuberculosis, the fungus Candida, and the gastrointestinal parasite Shigella have all responded to St. John's wort
candida and eyes

I don't know where I found this, google it....
I don't even know if this has anything to do with candida
Sweating is one of the way to remove toxins from our body
and If you can't sweat ? you may need iodine / kelp
Die-off can begin in a day or two or in two weeks.
Lemon water helps through dieoff.
I would chop the garlic coarsely or finely depending on what I was eating and sprinkle it on my food. For one snack, I boiled some zucchini and mashed it into a paste and then added spices and fresh herbs and tons of finely chopped raw garlic in it. This way I could snack on celery sticks with it and get lots of garlic while fighting off cravings to snack on anything with more sugar or carbs. I also put lots of raw onions into my food because I heard that can help too.
For juices, I used cucumber and celery for the bulk of the juice, because they yield a lot of juice, and then I would add a half lemon and about three cloves of garlic. I also added some spinach or kale, and even a carrot now and then, but don't add too many carrots because they are high in sugar, for a vegetable. The juice tasted gross after adding the lemon and garlic, but having it diluted in a big glass of juice is the only way I could drink it without hurting my throat and stomach. I also added fresh lemon juice to my water as a way to get extra lemon into my diet.
The juice of lemons has the ability to change the pH (acid/ alkaline balance) environment of the body. Lemon juice although acidic in its natural state when it is consumed it increases digestive secretions due to its bitter properties and this effect actually alkalises the whole body. This alkalisation inhibits Candida/ yeast infections to colonise as this bacteria requires an acidic environment to continue to grow.
Alkalinze the body - Spirullina can help
"Have a vegetable juice each day such as carrot, celery, ginger and beetroot."
I don't know about this..... because carrots and beetroot juice contains quite a lot of sugar....but when steve pavlina did a raw diet, he monitored his blood sugar and even when he ate 19 bananas in 1 day, his blood sugar didn't spike. Someone else mentioned that she cured candidiasis by juicing and fasting, so I don't know what carrot and beet juice might do to candidiasis.

"Improve the immune system by eating large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish, bitter foods, lemon juice, vegetable juices"


candida n moldy environment
"Symptoms can worsen in moldy places (basements) or in damp climates"


"To make matters worse, the Y/F overgrowth is swapping its wastes for your hormones, blood sugar and other nutrients. Consequently, you are always hungry and/or have rapid drops in blood sugar (glucose) levels."


- candida and other illnesses
candida and thyroid

Other causes to candida :

Low thyroid is very common in cases of Candida. The thyroid gland has an important effect on the immune system. Adequate thyroid function also helps the digestive system operate correctly. As pointed out earlier, lack of proper digestive secretions can cause reduction of friendly bacteria.

Parasites and intestinal worms are more common then anyone would think. Some researchers have estimated that over 85% of all people living in North America and Canada have parasites. Parasites can be large worm-like creatures or small microscopic organisms. Either type destroy friendly bacteria in the intestines making yeast overgrowth possible. Parasites can be detected in the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis.


vaginal candidiasis is contagious through sexual intercourse
oral thrush might be contagious through sharing food

Do you need to take multivitamins on an Anti Candida Diet ?
I think yes just to be safe
clove tea
turmeric, but maybe bad for Vitiligo
Oregano Oil


"I have also read that if you follow and extremely strict anti-candida diet, the candida - instead of giving up - will burrow into the lining of you gut and eat of your blood sugar, leading to 'leaky gut' syndrome. This theory does fit in with my own experiences, but I don't know if it's true."

I don't know whether it's true or not ??? But If it is, that's creeping me out right now.
But I read this
"As the immune system continues to weaken from yeast overgrowth and its toxic by-products, more and more symptoms arise. This fungus burrows its roots into the intestinal lining, creating a leaky gut, allowing the yeast/fungus to go into the bloodstream."
That makes sense, right ?
but I dunno about the strict anti-candida diet making the candida burrow itself to the lining,
Isn't the strict diet causing the candida to starve to death ???
But then again, they could go crazy for food and also burrow itself to the intenstinal lining.
or maybe not.
I don't know.


"I found the herbs and extracts such as Paul D'Arco root, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid, oil of oregano,garlic, etc., only aggravate the candida and the symptoms caused by it.
When you stop eating the foods that feed candida, the candida goes into an armored spore form, which means the candida will protect itself by transforming itself into a dormant form. If you are not doing anything to remove the candida from your body, it just lies in the dormant form until you once again begin to eat the foods that candida feeds on."
Garlic is not good ??
They're like one of those aliens in the movies that never die.


enzymes supplements ??
My dad has enzyme supplemented that contains fermented molasses
"However, using sugar will result in fermented enzyme containing high level of alcohol and sugar residue. Diabetics are not advised to consume such products."
So I didn't take his enzyme tablets.
Besides, it's fermented, so it can't be good right ?
because on the candida diet, we are advised to stay away from mold, yeast, fungi, etc
but.... fermented food such as kimchi, sauerkraut are probiotic, and has good bacteria.
and also KEFIR.

I don't know about Apple Cider Vinegar
"If apple cider vinegar helps cure candida yeast infections, then why do some people say to avoid fermented foods for candida?"

Someone says coconut water is too sweet and not good for the candida.
So it's better to make coconut kefir using water kefir grains.
I'm trying to make KEFIR soon :)


Some questions :

High sugar diet can lead to diabetes.
Can Low sugar diet lead to diabetes as well ?
probably not, right ?

Can the Anti-candida diet cause a low blood sugar ? can you pass out ?
It can ?? if you have hypoglycaemia and diabetes, it can be dangerous ??

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and vegan who don't eat fruits ???
day 1 n 2, I suspected that I was low on blood sugar ?
but Vegetables contains sugar and carbs as well,
so I shouldn't feel so weak,
but about Alkaline Raw Vegan foodist ?
and Dr. Robert O Young mentioned that Sweet Fruits are best to be avoided.'

but then again
"According to Dr. Robert Young, author of “The pH Miracle,” fruit is acid-forming due to its high sugar content. He then goes on to explain his unproven theory that the sugar in fruit ferments and produces acidity in the body.
Dr. Robert Young is completely mistaken on this point. Fruit is alkaline-forming, even if it contains sugar. The natural sugar that fruit contains is perfectly utilized by the body and doesn’t necessarily ferment to produce acidity."

Can the digestive system become too tired from too much vegetables (fibres) ???
probably not ??? as long as you're fine

can u die on a very strict candida diet ?
I mean, is my candida diet dangerous ?
mine restrict all carbs, grains, meat ---> what about people on a Vegetable juice fast ?
they seem to be able to go on for days
I think we need to use our common sense and listen to our body.
also do research, consult physician, and ask questions

LOW FAT DIET = Dangerous ?
Example : daily lunch
person A. pasta + chicken
person B. pasta + vegs sautee (1-2 types of vegs)
person C. vegs/salad (4-5 types of vegs), olive oil + almond
person D. instant noodle , fortified
person E. cheeseburger (high fat diet)
which one is more at risk ?
the one eating instant burger (high fat diet) everyday or the one eating salad (low fat diet) everyday ?
I'd say the one eating a low fat diet is healthier, but
Just keep in mind that anything that's too extreme is dangerous.
We all need a healthy balanced diet and a healthy happy state of mind and lifestyle :)

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

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