Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How do you eat your pomegranate ?

I eat them my way ;p
the messy way that is :D

look at those ruby-like capsules bursting with sweet and sour goodness
not to mention, super healthy :)

but first....
I don't buy pomegranates often, because....
1. they're not always available
2. they're quite expensive !!!
1 pomegranate (0.4 kg) cost the same as 1 kg of apples
Sometimes I get the cheaper pomegranates imported from China orIndia, but they're not bright red like this one, they're pale pink-white, more transparent clear actually. But they taste just as nice.

So... there are a lot of ways on how to cut a pomegranates,
cutting it sideways and batting it with a wooden spoon
cutting it into wedges and soaking them in water
etc etc

but I just got them up in half, save the other half in a container, stash in the fridge for later.

After that I just pick them one by one and I use my front teeth and my index finger to manouver each one and kinda try to remove the white hard seed and eat the rest ;p

huu yeahh.... it's a wonderful mess.

and yes... patience is needed, but I enjoy every tiny explosive burst of super flavors.
I don't eat the seeds, I wonder why some people can eat the seeds ;p

and I love looking at pomegranates seed sprinkled all over the salad, but I just don't know how to eat them... I mean do you eat the salad and spit out the hard seed every now and them ?
or do you force yourself to chew and swallow the hard seed ?
wait a second,
the red capsule-like thingy inside the pomegranate fruit is called the pomegranate seeds.
and the hard white seeds inside the red capsule-like thingy is also called seeds ?


yum yum.......

Isn't it amazing that those tiny red dots supply all the nutritious juice and color to each ruby capsule ? :)

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Debra said...

It looks soooo good!

Debra @ Vegan Family Style

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