Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our good ol' housekeeper

I don't know what's up with the housekeeper
I think she's starting to be forgetful or she's just messing with my head ;p

My whole family is omnivore and since I was a vegan before and now I don't eat a lot of meat, seafood, etc.
the housekeeper would make fried tempeh tofu stir-fry for me, or she'd buy me tofu and I'd make a plain boiled tofu.
It was good in the beginning, I loved them...
but I recently got boreddd of eating tempe and tofu so I asked her not to cook them anymore.
For some reason, I guess she forgot ?
She makes fried tempe everyday now.
and it's like dejavu every 2 days where I remind her that I'm not eating tempe because I'm bored of them.
After 2 days.... there they are again, freshly made fried tempe on the table.
so I have to remind her all over again.
I mean.... if she loves tempe so much, go ahead and cook for yourself, but don't prepare them for's a waste at the end of the day because no one else eats them.

Another thing is with organic vegetables I buy from the supermarket.
Okay... they're prepacked in plastic so everytime I buy loads of vegs from the supermarket, it's plastic plastic plastic
I guess they think since organic vegetables are more expensive, they have to be beautifully and individually wrapped in fancy plastics so people would buy them.
I just don't agree with the overuse of plastic.
Ohh man.... I need to call that guy that delivers organic vegs with no individual plastic wraps.
He was running out of vegs last time so I stopped ordering from him.
Okay... back to the housekeeper.
I buy organic vegs and put them in the fridge.
She buys normal vegs and put them in her fridge.
Guess what ?
She almost never cooks my vegs.
She uses her vegs first and use mine later on when all my vegs have wilted.
I told her over and over againnnn... use mine.... use the organic vegs.
and she says "I thought you wanted to cook them yourself"
and for the hundred times, I say "nooo... I bought the vegs for the whole house to eat, not just for me, you can cook them"
and she goes "okayy"
but then.... she keeps buying vegs and keep cooking her non organic vegs instead of my organic vegs.
why why whyyyy ??
and sometimes when she get good deals at the market, she buys vegs in large quantities
and she thinks everything stays fresh in the fridge forever,
so after the 5th day or so, we eat wilted vegs, "fresh" from the fridge ;p
but they still taste good because she's a great cook.

She's like our family, she's been here forever and the house can't function without her.
but Oh myyyy...........
dear missy housekeeper mam....
why do you keep doing that ?
Oh well... I guess I'll have to keep reminding her.
patience..... patienceeee.......


Selba said...

Sounds that you need to head to the kitchen more often, hehehe...

Oh, and just the fried tempe to my house if you don't eat it... fried tempe is always welcome daily at my house ;) said...

Hi Selba :)

yea... I think I need more kitchen time... but lately I haven't got time to prepare food hihi...

I love love love fried tempe and I know the housekeeper means well, but after eating tempe daily.... I'm at the point of not wanting to eat them for now.... I know I'll be eating them again soon... but not just now :)
I guess I'll be sending those tempe your way now :D

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