Monday, February 15, 2010

Kacang Bogor - Bogor Peanuts

I bought some of these the other day.....
Kacang Bogor (Bogor Peanuts)
Vigna subterranea (L) Verdc.

Bogor is a city about 1 hour outside Jakarta
and for some reason it rains a lot there, thus the name "The Rainy City"

These Bogor peanuts are sold in supermarkets rarely, they're mostly sold by street vendors in carts like this

pic by Gagah from

They're round in shape
usually boiled or steamed
& they break open easily.........

revealing the purple-candy-like nuts
aren't they just gorgeous ???

mmmmmm :)

they taste kinda like peanuts....
but they're just perfect on your plate, right ? :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Food Glorious food

A friend of mine invited me for a food test at her Restaurant.
It's got everything.... prawns, fish, vegetables, noodle, chicken, meat etc
Cooked in different traditional recipe, some are spicy, some are sweet and sour, some are soy-saucy, some are fried, some are stir-fried, some are steamed.

What do I eat ?
I eat a little bit of everything
but I fill my plates with more of the vegetables
So when I feel full, it'd be mostly vegetables (I have mostly shredded carrots, broccoli, spinach)
and I tasted a little bit of everything... it was good
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