Saturday, March 20, 2010

an Update

Wow... I haven't updated my blog in quite a while....
I just want to say...
I'm no longer a vegan now, I think I mentioned it before :)

and I'm kinda slipping back to the unhealthy junk food girl
I think I've gained 1 kg, not significant, but hey ;p
I feel "heavier" after each meal
and I think it's a signal to get me back to my healthy food again :)
altho I can't deny that it's been easy
I can eat whereever I'm at, friends and families can ask me out where ever and not have to wonder whether or not I can eat at that restaurant.
I don't have to prepare food or cook or wash veggies,
it was convenient, it was easy
and eating the food was great, I'm an eater, I love eating, so the eating part is good.
The after eating is the not so good part, the I feel "too full" part is not good.
So...I'm going to try to start eating healthy again
and I'm just gonna be realistic this time and not go straight to a clean healthy diet.
but slowly eating more and more of the healthy stuff.

I still have lots of pics of my Vegan food in my computers and I'll post them up again soon :)
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