Sunday, March 17, 2013

Busy busy Bee

In short,
Busy, ..........I haven't been eating right, and I forgot what I ate before,
All I remember is they made me feel good and they taste yummy, to me. 
So I made a photo page to remind me of my version of yummy healthy food.
(These are my version of healthy food that I like & are accessible / easy to make according to me)
Hopefully it can give u some ideas, or not, but ....... See, I'm sharing.
Link :

ok wait, the facebook page is not there anymore, 
dunno what happen, it's gone, oh well.

Longer explanation :
I have been busy lately that I haven't eating healthily, I've been eating everything....EVERYTHING !!!
Yes it's easier, practical, ........ but my body crave REAL food.

Being busy also means, Sometimes I crave for a freshly squeezed orange juice, but when I'm super thirsty and what's right in front of me is a sugary & artificially flavored iced tea, that's what I drink, easy and fast, but not right.
and Sometimes I get lazy to go to the kitchen to prepare salad/healthy food, and sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, I don't know what to prepare, I just stare in front of an open fridge and stare at vegetables and think "hmmm.... boiled vegs?" ewww
I FORGOT all those yummy healthy food that I've been eating !!! Has that ever happened to you ?

So I've been an omnivore, flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, & lately, omnivore again.
and when I was purely Vegan for 1 year, I never got sick. NEVERRR.
When I was a vegetarian/flexitarian, I RARELY got sick.
So, Now I'm kinda tired of getting sick, runny nose, sorethroat, body aching, phlegm and the gang, you got the picture ;p .............. I just don't want to get sick, period.
2. I also notice that my tummy is somewhat more sensitive, If I drink 1 cup of coffee, sometimes I get headache (I used to drink 3-4 cups a day, espresso), If I eat too many types of  food all in one time, (just coz i'm greedy like that), I would have slight digestion problem. (I never had digestion problem when I was eating healthily)
So.....I've decided ............. back to eating healthily for me .......... a Flexitarian for the time being, with more fruits & vegs.

But what to eat ? Memory, where u at ?
Well, so I created Healthy Rainbow's Facebook Page to remind me of what I made/ate when I was eating healthily and I actually loved the taste. I enjoyed eating them soooo much.
(These are not world class healthy recipe, these are my version of yummy healthy food)
Hopefully these pics will motivate me to eat healthily again, and hopefully it can motivate you as well. 
Actually since i've been eating everything again, looking at some of these pics, i'm like "Did I actually eat those ?" "Did that parsley make me gag a little ?" .............
So now, basically my rule is, whatever it is that's on my plate, there should be more vegetables (not the soft mushy ones) / salads than rice/pasta/meat.

Plus my dad, who's an omnivore, has diabetes, so I'm kinda thinking what I could feed him to make him healthier, (he's a carnivore), but I think he enjoys steamed brocolli, chayote, so we'll start by adding that to his diet, plus veggie+low sugar juice/smoothie.

And even if I still didn't have time to update this blog, at least I can upload food pics to the facebook page.
So Here's the link.

Why Facebook Page ? 
It's just so I can upload the pics all at once and you don't have to log in to Facebook to see the pics.

ok wait, the facebook page is not there anymore, 
dunno what happen, it's gone, oh well.
PS. When I was eating healthily, I didn't have any encouragement from my family/friends, but I did it anyway, SAFELY !!
So whatever you do, Listen to your body, get advice from experts if you can, Keep learning, Be safe & enjoy your food :)

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