Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Aloe Vera juice

So I made another Aloe Vera juice
yupp... that's one big aloe vera
peel and rinse to clear the yellow sap.

Blend everything first,
then lastly, add the freshly cut aloe vera chunks.
I read somewhere.... I forgot where.....that it's best not to blend aloe vera for too long in the machine, so that the polysaccharides chain doesn't get broken down too much
or something like that :)
will try to find that page.

I've always known that Aloe is good for you, but only as a hair growth "serum"
when I was a kid, I sometimes peel and use the aloe vera meat to rub on my scalp because they say it's good to promote hairgrowth.
But I never actually eaten or drunk the Aloe Vera raw.
It actually turn out pretty good.... sometimes not very tasty if I put too much of the healthy green :) but drinkable and it's sooooo good for you, lots of live enzymes :)

So here's the result, the color's not very good due to the red+brown from the watermelon+seed mixed with the greens from parsley, but it's mildly sweet.

Below is a really nice baby pink color which I just love to stare at :)
the top is frothy, blending aloe makes frothy smoothie
It's aloe + banana + strawberries
Nice :)

I just made another one of just aloe vera and melon
and it was this cool light green color.
yummyyy :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've done posting all my journey / documentation during the Anti Candida Diet.
I don't care if people are going to read it or not.
I post them here for myself and if it can be useful for others than that's great :)

Do you ever feel that ?
You want to post something but you just haven't gotten around to it and it felt like homework and after you're done with it and posted it, you feel relieved.
maybe that's just me ;p

Another thing is I want to add at least one picture on every post.
Why ?
It makes people read the post.
I know it makes me read someone else's post and if the post have no picture on it, I tend to not read it ;p
But it turns out I have other stuff to do so I tend to not have the time to add pics on the post, well I could actually add a pic instead of writing this post, but hey.....

I also don't have the patience nor the skill to shoot a perfect picture of my food.
I go over to other people's blogs and their photos are super perfect, they make me wanna eat my screen.
My photos and my food are simple, messy at times, but it's what they are
it's who I am, a little bit messy but also a clean freak at the same time.
So it's okay....:D

Do your eyes get tired writing posts that are too long ?
Reading too many blogs ?
Editing photos
Setting up your blog layouts ?
Mine gets tired, so I always try to take breaks in between but most of the times when I'm in the middle of writing something, I don't take breaks and it's really bad for my eyes because they get too tired.
So people.... Take a break, Rest your eyes
Do a little gentle eye exercise.... Tap around your eyes to increase blood flow
Take care of your eyes :)

I'm taking a break now :)
well maybe in 5 mins

What if I go out of control ??

(since I'm no longer 100% Vegan)

There are Times when
I want to be like before
like my family and my friends
to be able to eat everything and not care & stay healthy

Now when I read more, I learn more, I know more, I also get more food restrictions = headache ;p
or how to cook this, how to prepare this, how to combine foods, etc etc etc
I used to eat everything, no worries, but I'm always about 2-3 kg overweight from my current weight.
when I was in Australia & Milan, I got fat and also I got acne because of all the dairy, cheese, sweets, that I ate,
but happy and also not happy because I'd feel stuffed and being a bit fat & have acne due to my comfort food choices is also not flattering ;p
But it was so easy getting food, I could just go anywhere and find food,
so should I go back to not care about nutrition and eat whatever I want again ?
Especially now that I'm no longer 100% Vegan.

But I can't, even if I want to
and that's not a bad thing.
Now, My body would definitely tell me if I ate too much junk
It's like a natural indicator
too much fried food = throat starts to feel bad
too much fatty food = tummy feels uncomfortable
we all have that natural indicator, but most of use seem to ignore it.
Our rational mind says NO to comfort food, but we tend to surrender to our cravings for comfort food and not think ahead / in the long run.
I suppose people who are more conscious about their health and who are eating healthier are more aware of these things.
Raw foodist for example, they may be way more sensitive about these things than I am.
I'm just a beginner and I'm still learning lots and lots of stuff by the minute.

Whenever I want to eat easy-to-reach comfort food like most people
I go over to other people's websites
Raw foodist, Vegans, I'd just go over to their blogs and I'm just glad I didn't eat junk
All those healthy yummy creative food at their blogs
makes me crave healthy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk.
These people are really good in cooking, they come up with all sorts of creative food combinations and they're also great photographers :)
my only problem is I don't like spending time in the kitchen ;p but I love to eat

and What about when I want to eat meat ?
when I want to eat desserts ???
Should I refrain from them forever ?
Should I be Vegan forever ?

I know I'll always change, people change
and I was a strict Vegan for almost 8 months before, but I'm not at a point where I'm allowing a small amount of good quality "comfort food"
They make me happy, they make me enjoy my meal, they make me to be able to share food with families and friends again
but of course,
First, I find a healthier alternative if I can
Second, If there's no healthier alternative, I'll make a choice, to eat it or to not eat it.
If I allow myself to eat it, I'll eat it responsibly, in smaller portion and guilt free.
There's no point in allowing yourself to eat something and not enjoy it and feel guilty the whole time, you might as well not eat it at all.
what can I eat ?
it varies.......
I know I won't be drinking milk or eating dairy ice cream anytime soon because just thinking about it makes me tummy uneasy now.
I used to love Haagen Dasz Green Tea ice cream and the Banoffe I tried in Barcelona was to die for.
I just don't want it anymore at this point.

Since I've started going to the gym, I've started eating more now.
Sometimes way too much ;p
So I'm going to have to stop pigging out on food and be in control again.
By being in control I don't mean restricting food portion drastically just to keep my weight.
No.... for the past 8 Vegan months I can eat healthily as much as I want without gaining weight.
I think I can maintain that healthy lifestyle for the future.
Although I won't be 100% Vegan now, I know I'll definitely stay on the healthy Vegan side and adding more raw fresh Vegetables to my food
and fruits, nuts, sprouts, etc etc

By listening to my body
I know I'll definitely choose not to eat junk naturally
Being responsible means I'll be "awake" and realize what I'm doing / eating.
Eating Healthily is also as important as Eating happily :)

Anti Candida Diet Result part 2

9 Nov 2009
After the end of the Anti Candida Diet
I did a stool test at a local Lab
I "send" in the "thing" in the morning and the result was there in the afternoon.
It wasn't a thorough lab test as the result was only positive or negative
So the result of the microscopic candida stool test was negative for parasites, fungi/yeast, amoeba.
It was positive for bacteria, but my mom said the stool test result is always positive for bacteria.
It cost around US$10

If I wanted a more accurate test, they could do a stool culture test which could take up to a week
and they'll be able to identify, if any, the names of candida types present. (cost around US$40)

I called numerous labs and they don't seem to know much about other tests for candidiasis.

My LAB TEST turn out negative for candidiasis,
so why did I even bother to do it in the first place ?
Well.... the thing is, we all have candida inside of us naturally
and eating a unhealthy diet can lead us to candida overgrowth which may cause problems that seems to be unimportant enough to be concerned about
and since candidiasis may be linked to a lot of auto immune disorder (I have Vitiligo)
So.... I did the Anti Candida Diet anyway.... just because I wanted to.
hey.... who knows right ? besides the stool test is not 100% accurate anyway.
and I'm glad I did the Anti Candida Diet, because it made me come to a NEW REALIZATION.
Read on at the bottom to find out more

I think my spit test will always result in stringy and speck-y clouds in the water.

I was just paranoid, my white tongue is just a normal tongue, probably with some toxins build up causing the whitish surface and the back part of the tongue.
You know how they tell you to scrape your tongue to clean it, I'll probably try that.

I'll definitely control my sugar intake
I'll try to avoid all kinds of refined sugar
Palm sugar at a minimum
I also won't over indulge on Natural sugar (from fruits, coconut)
When I eat fruits, I won't eat everything in one go, I'll divide the portion so I can eat it in small portions throughout the day.

Sugar is bad for your eyes,
Sugar is bad for candida
and Sugar can cause Diabetes
and Sugar is also called the White Death
and Our body don't need sugar anyway, so .... stay away from Sugar

GARLIC & Ginger
I'll eat puree/mashed Garlic, raw from time to time
I'll swallow a tiny portion of it with a little water and maybe with some food to help "push" the garlic down into my stomach.'s just a theory of mine ;p
and drinking Ginger Tea (without Tea) is good

I'll try to be responsible and not overeat on anything

I didn't see any improvements on my Vitiligo
but Vitiligo is a slow process and I didn't expect any drastic change in 2 weeks time, but I know every little things I do to become healthier and happier counts for something.

The good thing that came out of this Anti Candida Diet is
Realization that it's about everything, it's not all about food
and that's why I'm now writing about THE HEALTHY LIFE DIET.
To spread awareness what we can be healthy and happy and enjoy our meal at the same time
that it's not all about the food and losing weight.
It's about a healthy balanced diet without any judgement, strict or drastic changes.
It can be done gradually and of course, responsibly :)
You have to want to make a healthy change :)
It's just easy



You can also supplement while doing the Anti Candida Diet
I supplemented with :
Acidophilus capsule
Kelp capsule
Garlic capsules or Raw Garlic puree/mashed
other stuff : Ginger Tea, raw parsley, Aloe vera, etc


If you don't have a major candida problem,
don't force yourself, esp on the first days !!!
if you can't handle the food, the hunger, the "die-off" reaction, etc
do the diet slowly and gradually, baby steps !!!
If you can go "drastic" you might experience the detox effect + die-off effect
and that could be a major discomfort.... major

I myself have been a vegan for 7 months
I've done :
- vegan+fruits (no carbs, grains, sugar, fried food)
- vegan + fruits+ carbs + grains + sugar + fried food
- vegan (no fruits + no carbs, grains, sugar, fried food)
- now I'm back again to
vegan + fruits+ carbs + grains + sugar + fried food
but limiting the fruits, carbs, grains, sugar and fried food
I'm eating responsibly and feel happier now.

All this time, I've eaten almost no canned food at all, no fake meat
no exercise during my 7 Vegan months -NEED TO
Update. I just started the gym last 2 weeks ago and I just love joining the Body Combat classes.
So I eat more now coz I work out more.

I've gradually lost roughly 2 kg - 2.5 kg during the 2 week period that I did the Anti Candida Diet.
But I've now gain back the weight I lost and I'm now back to my normal weight.

During the Anti Candida Diet, Eat whenever you're hungry, don't wait or postpone eating

Always have people around just in case, tell them that you're doing the Anti Candida Diet.
I stay at home with people around me all the time.

Always Have Food ready in your fridge
so when you get really really hungry, you can eat right away

Remember to eat a large variety of Vegetables.
I'm amazed of what I've been eating, they're just so healthy and green
although they looked green and fresh but sometimes it's a struggle to eat them
but they're so healthy :)
that's why towards the end I added fish, tofu, etc
It really helped me to eat the food with ease and it made me enjoyed the food :) and it's important to feel Happy when you eat.



I noticed bad breadth during the first days of the Anti Candida Diet
but it went away in a few days
(I didn't experience bad breath during my normal Vegan days)

During the Anti Candida Diet
I'm always hungry, constant hunger
sometimes when I took a nap and woke up, I just got super duper hungry !!!!!!!!!
sometimes also in the mornings.


No sugar cravings
It's good to not have sugar cravings.
During my Anti-Candida Diet days I didn't have any sugar cravings at all.
I mean, you're no longer addicted and think about it all day, it's like being free.
No more cravings like crazy
No more going back and forth to the fridge
No more being dictated by the alleged crazy monsters, that lives inside you, too fetch them sugar.

when I normally eat fruits, (before the Anti Candida Diet)
I tend to cut and prepare too much, but ate it all, because, i'm greedy and "there's only 2 pcs left on the plate"
must control portion !!
Now I seem to eat less fruits at just one time and distribute it evenly throughout the day.

I appreciate sweet stuff more
fruits, coconuts
heavenly when eaten in moderation and not too much

Cravings are only in your head ?
wanting food is in your head ?
After I'm done with the Anti-Candida Diet,
I was on a strict diet a few days ago and I didn't want anything
but I stayed at home, so I didn't really have big temptations, except from cooked food at home.
But since I'm starting to loosen up a bit now, still on the healthy side though, I started wanting other stuff, not really craving them, just kinda wanting them, but not strongly.
Maybe I was a bit "envious" looking at other people eating everything ?
Maybe I was just bored at just eating vegs
When I said I was going to do the Anti-candida diet with all its restrictions, I didn't want any other food.
I started adding fish just because I thought I needed it because I didn't get enough nutrition by not eating fruits.
but I stayed on the healthy side.
So cravings and wanting food is probably just in your head ?
When you "restrict" yourself from a lot of food and picture a "NO" in your head, you don't want all kinds of food or junk.
but I found that "Once you "allow" yourself more food choices, then you start wanting more food"


Sometimes I found it hard to breathe, like there's not enough Oxygen in my room
I know I live in one of the polluted city in the world, but it was just worse a few times during the Anti Candida Diet
It only happened a few short times only and usually I feel okay after a meal.
Is it a sign that I was dying ? ;p

You know how sometimes when you're asleep and you hear a loud bang and you suddenly woke up with your heart beating fast ?
Sometimes..... like twice during this Anti-Candida Diet, I woke up like that, without hearing the loud bang.
Not a good sign, is it ?
but I'm good now....

I suppose if I had to re-do the Anti Candida Diet again
I'll definitely consult my physician, do a proper blood test, stool culture test, etc
But honestly, I don't really trust doctors here and I don't know if they really know much about candidiasis or not
and my being a Vegan might even "confuse" them
I know.... doing this on my own is "crazy" but I'm okay and nothing bad happened.
But this is just me, don't do this on your own though.



I checked my tongue and it's healthy pink around the tip and middle part
but towards the inside, it was kinda whitish, although I don't think it's oral thrush
As usual, I just keep on checking it day by day during the Anti candida diet
It looked the same on day 3, day 4, day 6, day 10
I supposed it's just my normal tongue color, although I think it's less white on the last days, but I could just be
You know how you can scrape your tongue to help remove toxins (white substance) that builds up on your tongue.
well, I didn't... actually I did, once, with a spoon ;p
the scrapings was whitish creamy substance.... yuck I know, but I guess it's just the normal toxins build up
but the tongue remains whitish.... so....
But hey... I went for a regular check up at the dentist last week and if it was oral thrush, my dentist would've definitely notice it right away.

2 nov 09 - 3.58 am
I checked my tongue again and on the whitish part of the tongue
(base of tongue / the back part of the tongue)
now have red dots on it.... not much, just some red dots
"Finally, red dots on the tongue can also indicate internal heat. You may find these spots specifically on one or both sides of the tongue"
I'm just paranoid, but are they just my normal tastebuds ?
okay....I think it's called circumvallate papillae

I don't know about this one
"The normal healthy coating should be a thin white layer starting at the root of the tongue and thinning as it approaches the tip of the tongue.
A thick white coating over all the tongue indicates respiratory problems; the thicker the more extreme the condition"

White tongue can also be caused by dehydration or toxins build up

White tongue can also be caused by internal heat (chinese medicine) in which we have to eat food with cooling properties.
it could also be caused by a weakening immune system
White tongue can also worsen if you have a cavity


When I eat mashed/puree raw garlic, It's just easy to swallow with some water
but sometimes ,
I get a slight headache/nausea for a few minutes, but it'll go awat by itself
recently, I concluded that it's probably because the garlic is stuck in the end of my oesophagus, just right before entering my stomach, I didn't drink a lot of water when I eat raw mashed garlic because I don't want to dilute the garlic, usually I'm fine after I take a bite of something, I think it helps "push" the garlic into my stomach. or maybe not...;p just a theory of mine.

Day 4 & 5
Soft supple cheek
Even though it seems like I haven't been sleeping enough, I don't look tired with panda eyes.
Just some tiny bumps on my forehead which always shows up when I lack sleep.

During the diet, I was busy noting my progress and what I ate and how I felt physically
candida diet, food, weak
I forgot the most important thing
being happy, calm and prayers !!!


and If I had to re-do this Anti Candida Diet
I'd rather not ;p
Why ?
it's time consuming to prepare all the food, and it's tiring to choose "wisely" what to eat and what not to eat,
it's time consuming to do the research ;p
it's time consuming to document the Anti Candida Diet
I'd rather be responsible in what I eat and control my sugar (or fat) intake all my life ;p
but it was good to do this on my own and learn more about myself and discover new things.
I now find that it's okay not to be 100% Vegan and everything is connected.
thus The Healthy Life Diet

How to test for candidiasis / bloodtest

(I'm not familiar with any of these tests, this is just what I found on the internet)

I myself only did the spit test, the tongue check and a simple 1-day stool test at the lab.

How to test for candida :
- Saliva Test / Spit Test
- The IgA, IgG, and IgM test
- Stool culture / stool test
The first is the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) that evaluates the stool for malabsorption, yeast, parasites, pH imbalance, and bacterial overgrowth. The second is a Comprehensive Parasitology Test (CP x2) with a purge, which is a more detailed test for parasites.
- The Candisphere Test
The Candisphere is a blood test that shows the toxic waste that the Candida is releasing into the blood. The toxic wastes detected can only be released by large amounts of harmful Candida and not by small amounts of normal Candida. This test helps us to determine what stage of Candida overgrowth the person is in.
This test was determined to be 90% accurate for Candida by the FDA. When combined with the CDSA test it gives us the most accurate view of a patient's level of Candida and the cause of it.
- Candida Immune Complexes test is the most reliable.
- maybe a mouth swab if you have oral thrush

Candida Antibody blood test to check for any candida yeast infection. Make sure the test measures IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies to candida as well.

let your blood be tested for antigens against Candida Albicans
take an IgG-allergy test where they also check the level of antigens you have in your body against Candida.

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

More on the Anti-Candida Diet

This is what I found out more :

Other than fresh good quality (Organic) Vegetables, some good fats,
some good quality meat for the Non-Vegans

These are what I found to be beneficial to add to the Anti-Candida Diet
(and What I can easily find here)
well... they're good for you in general too, so :)

Good for candida :
aloe vera

Supplements :
Kelp / iodine

Aim for a Healthier Balanced you :
Prayers, Healing Vizualisation, Breathing
Morning Sunlight

I also read that Candida lives on acid environment.
so it's a good idea to do the Alkaline Diet.
Stress also worsen your candida condition.

Avoid tomatoes for now because they're acid.

Always have food ready and eat when u're hungry !!!!!!!
don't starve yourself, you're not trying to lose weight, you are trying to eliminate candida.

I don't know whether Virgin Coconut Oil helps or not, some say yes, same say no
Green apple is said to be OK in some websites, but some also say no to all fruits
But if it helps me gobble up aloe vera + parsley + celery juice + other stuff
then it's a good thing ??? maybe ???
I seem to be able to "withstand" the vegetable taste without additional sugar (fruits)
So I think I'll just add water to my blend, but we'll see....


This is the stuff I found on the internet and I've found some information on them,
(but some sites also sell products, so I don't really trust all of the information listed, use common sense and stay open to learning more and consult your doctor)


White tounge may be a sign of Candida
So check your tongue :)
about candida
green apples may be eaten
sweet potato is considered alkaline forming food
cooked carrots are bad
raw carrots are a yes and a no, it contains sugar but is also an antifungal
so if u must, eat with the fibre I suppose ?
St. johns wort
The bacterium that causes tuberculosis, the fungus Candida, and the gastrointestinal parasite Shigella have all responded to St. John's wort
candida and eyes

I don't know where I found this, google it....
I don't even know if this has anything to do with candida
Sweating is one of the way to remove toxins from our body
and If you can't sweat ? you may need iodine / kelp
Die-off can begin in a day or two or in two weeks.
Lemon water helps through dieoff.
I would chop the garlic coarsely or finely depending on what I was eating and sprinkle it on my food. For one snack, I boiled some zucchini and mashed it into a paste and then added spices and fresh herbs and tons of finely chopped raw garlic in it. This way I could snack on celery sticks with it and get lots of garlic while fighting off cravings to snack on anything with more sugar or carbs. I also put lots of raw onions into my food because I heard that can help too.
For juices, I used cucumber and celery for the bulk of the juice, because they yield a lot of juice, and then I would add a half lemon and about three cloves of garlic. I also added some spinach or kale, and even a carrot now and then, but don't add too many carrots because they are high in sugar, for a vegetable. The juice tasted gross after adding the lemon and garlic, but having it diluted in a big glass of juice is the only way I could drink it without hurting my throat and stomach. I also added fresh lemon juice to my water as a way to get extra lemon into my diet.
The juice of lemons has the ability to change the pH (acid/ alkaline balance) environment of the body. Lemon juice although acidic in its natural state when it is consumed it increases digestive secretions due to its bitter properties and this effect actually alkalises the whole body. This alkalisation inhibits Candida/ yeast infections to colonise as this bacteria requires an acidic environment to continue to grow.
Alkalinze the body - Spirullina can help
"Have a vegetable juice each day such as carrot, celery, ginger and beetroot."
I don't know about this..... because carrots and beetroot juice contains quite a lot of sugar....but when steve pavlina did a raw diet, he monitored his blood sugar and even when he ate 19 bananas in 1 day, his blood sugar didn't spike. Someone else mentioned that she cured candidiasis by juicing and fasting, so I don't know what carrot and beet juice might do to candidiasis.

"Improve the immune system by eating large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish, bitter foods, lemon juice, vegetable juices"


candida n moldy environment
"Symptoms can worsen in moldy places (basements) or in damp climates"


"To make matters worse, the Y/F overgrowth is swapping its wastes for your hormones, blood sugar and other nutrients. Consequently, you are always hungry and/or have rapid drops in blood sugar (glucose) levels."


- candida and other illnesses
candida and thyroid

Other causes to candida :

Low thyroid is very common in cases of Candida. The thyroid gland has an important effect on the immune system. Adequate thyroid function also helps the digestive system operate correctly. As pointed out earlier, lack of proper digestive secretions can cause reduction of friendly bacteria.

Parasites and intestinal worms are more common then anyone would think. Some researchers have estimated that over 85% of all people living in North America and Canada have parasites. Parasites can be large worm-like creatures or small microscopic organisms. Either type destroy friendly bacteria in the intestines making yeast overgrowth possible. Parasites can be detected in the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis.


vaginal candidiasis is contagious through sexual intercourse
oral thrush might be contagious through sharing food

Do you need to take multivitamins on an Anti Candida Diet ?
I think yes just to be safe
clove tea
turmeric, but maybe bad for Vitiligo
Oregano Oil


"I have also read that if you follow and extremely strict anti-candida diet, the candida - instead of giving up - will burrow into the lining of you gut and eat of your blood sugar, leading to 'leaky gut' syndrome. This theory does fit in with my own experiences, but I don't know if it's true."

I don't know whether it's true or not ??? But If it is, that's creeping me out right now.
But I read this
"As the immune system continues to weaken from yeast overgrowth and its toxic by-products, more and more symptoms arise. This fungus burrows its roots into the intestinal lining, creating a leaky gut, allowing the yeast/fungus to go into the bloodstream."
That makes sense, right ?
but I dunno about the strict anti-candida diet making the candida burrow itself to the lining,
Isn't the strict diet causing the candida to starve to death ???
But then again, they could go crazy for food and also burrow itself to the intenstinal lining.
or maybe not.
I don't know.


"I found the herbs and extracts such as Paul D'Arco root, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid, oil of oregano,garlic, etc., only aggravate the candida and the symptoms caused by it.
When you stop eating the foods that feed candida, the candida goes into an armored spore form, which means the candida will protect itself by transforming itself into a dormant form. If you are not doing anything to remove the candida from your body, it just lies in the dormant form until you once again begin to eat the foods that candida feeds on."
Garlic is not good ??
They're like one of those aliens in the movies that never die.


enzymes supplements ??
My dad has enzyme supplemented that contains fermented molasses
"However, using sugar will result in fermented enzyme containing high level of alcohol and sugar residue. Diabetics are not advised to consume such products."
So I didn't take his enzyme tablets.
Besides, it's fermented, so it can't be good right ?
because on the candida diet, we are advised to stay away from mold, yeast, fungi, etc
but.... fermented food such as kimchi, sauerkraut are probiotic, and has good bacteria.
and also KEFIR.

I don't know about Apple Cider Vinegar
"If apple cider vinegar helps cure candida yeast infections, then why do some people say to avoid fermented foods for candida?"

Someone says coconut water is too sweet and not good for the candida.
So it's better to make coconut kefir using water kefir grains.
I'm trying to make KEFIR soon :)


Some questions :

High sugar diet can lead to diabetes.
Can Low sugar diet lead to diabetes as well ?
probably not, right ?

Can the Anti-candida diet cause a low blood sugar ? can you pass out ?
It can ?? if you have hypoglycaemia and diabetes, it can be dangerous ??

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and vegan who don't eat fruits ???
day 1 n 2, I suspected that I was low on blood sugar ?
but Vegetables contains sugar and carbs as well,
so I shouldn't feel so weak,
but about Alkaline Raw Vegan foodist ?
and Dr. Robert O Young mentioned that Sweet Fruits are best to be avoided.'

but then again
"According to Dr. Robert Young, author of “The pH Miracle,” fruit is acid-forming due to its high sugar content. He then goes on to explain his unproven theory that the sugar in fruit ferments and produces acidity in the body.
Dr. Robert Young is completely mistaken on this point. Fruit is alkaline-forming, even if it contains sugar. The natural sugar that fruit contains is perfectly utilized by the body and doesn’t necessarily ferment to produce acidity."

Can the digestive system become too tired from too much vegetables (fibres) ???
probably not ??? as long as you're fine

can u die on a very strict candida diet ?
I mean, is my candida diet dangerous ?
mine restrict all carbs, grains, meat ---> what about people on a Vegetable juice fast ?
they seem to be able to go on for days
I think we need to use our common sense and listen to our body.
also do research, consult physician, and ask questions

LOW FAT DIET = Dangerous ?
Example : daily lunch
person A. pasta + chicken
person B. pasta + vegs sautee (1-2 types of vegs)
person C. vegs/salad (4-5 types of vegs), olive oil + almond
person D. instant noodle , fortified
person E. cheeseburger (high fat diet)
which one is more at risk ?
the one eating instant burger (high fat diet) everyday or the one eating salad (low fat diet) everyday ?
I'd say the one eating a low fat diet is healthier, but
Just keep in mind that anything that's too extreme is dangerous.
We all need a healthy balanced diet and a healthy happy state of mind and lifestyle :)

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

The start of The Healthy Life Diet

Thursday, November 5, 2009

After doing the Anti-Candida Diet for 8 days, today is supposed to be the Anti-Candida Diet Day 9, but ..................

Today I'm starting my New Diet / Lifestyle
(actually it started on Nov 2, 2009, but it's official today ;p)
Let's just call it The Healthy Life Diet ;)
www.TheHealthy Life

It's not even a Diet, it's more of a Lifestyle, because it's all connected.
but Hey... it needs a name ;p

Healthy Mind, Mood Happiness, Love, God Healthy daily routine.
Sleep early, Wake up early

Morning Sun

it's important
It's Fun, it releases endorphin :)
it also makes you sweat and releases toxins.
Don't aim to lose weight, aim to have fun :D

Healthy Food
I'm still mostly Vegan and for now, I hope to stay Vegan by adding more raw vegetables.
I'm allowing some meat (fish, prawn, etc)
ONLY IF I really really want to and I can't get out of a situation where I have to eat them. and I won't feel guilty about it.
and still being candida-aware for now,
allowing sugar but in small amounts (coconut, fruits, complex carbs)
But in time, I hope to always be aware to limit my sugar intake in a natural way that I never over indulge in anything and always be in control of what I eat.
That way I don't have to "limit" my sugar intake or whatever-food intake because I'll always listen to my body and be in control of what I eat.

and If I had to eat out, Most Restaurant Food equals MSG and requesting for "No MSG Please" is useless, trust me I know, but it's a good thing to always order "No MSG Please"
So.... I don't think I'll be eating in Restaurants any time soon.
but at least I'm not restricting myself, I can eat n not feel guilty, even if i have to eat at home all the time ;p
My housekeeper is a kick ass chef, so I'm good :)
but she's also cooks the old-school way and refuses to change, so sometimes she'd make a quick prawn stir-fry but she'd deep fry the prawns first for like 15 minutes, oh my... I've asked her not to time and time again, but..... oh well... I can always ask again :)
and.... ummm... she always cooks vegs a tad bit too soft and I need to constantly remind her and she doesn't understand why I buy organic vegetables .... so... yupp... a little problem in that area actually ;p
and she often cooks way too hot and spicy for me and when I told her not to... she said "I thought you like hot & spicy food" or "your mom told me to cook this spicy".... I don't know if she's starting to be forgetful or she just loves hot & spicy food. yes she eats what we eat, afterall she's been working for the family for 30 years now.

yup... of course a little part of me is scared of going out of control and start eating a lot of junk food again and I'm also worried about the limited number of healthier food choice available out there but I'll stay "awake" and be in control.
besides, my body will definitely let me know if I eat too much "junk".

I know I'll still be bringing my own food often when I go out, but at least I have more food options and not feel guilty, although I'll still be extremely picky about what food I eat :) but it just feels liberating now.
but still picky..... ;p

My being a Vegan makes me have a constant weight.
and I feel light all the time, I feel good.
I believe this new Healthy Life Diet will also give me a constant healthy weight, and a healthy mind and body :)

So Embrace The Healthy Life Diet :D

Today would probably the Last Day that I'm noting all my food (still candida aware) and uploading it here, it does take a lot of time :) but it was fun, although time consuming ;p

6. 45 am woke up
2/4 small granny smith apple & 1/4 avocado
10 am finished eating

This is what I ate for breakfast
- raw cucumber,
- raw okra,
- raw Ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula Roxb) --> they're sweet and spongy
- sautée kangkung (Water Convolvulus)
- boiled winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolabus)
1 Mega Acidophilus capsule

12.40 pm finished lunch
- sautée kangkung (Water Convolvulus)
- boiled winged bean / kecipir (Psophocarpus tetragonolabus)
- muntahu (tofu dish with prawn bits and minced pork)
1 Kelp capsule
1 Garlic parsley capsule

1 - 2 pm Nap
2 - 2.30 pm 1/2 glass of coconut
- Muntahu
- raw Ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula Roxb)
- boiled winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolabus)
I thought I wanted rice but after one little spoon of it, I just didn't want it
1/2 glass of coconut water
1/2 glass of lemon water
tummy kinda full - heavy, maybe coz of the muntahu.
Okay... no more tofu for the next few days.
I probably shouldn't be eating tofu at all during the Anti-Candida Diet anyway.

Last night, the right corner of my mouth cracked a bit....hurt a bit when I opened my mouth. Maybe I lack sleep, and also I have what the chinese say "internal heat" and that I'd need to eat food with cooling properties.
but in the morning (6 nov 09) it healed very nicely, I didn't even put anything on it.

5.20 pm 1 glass of coconut
7 pm I finished eating
Muntahu - againnnnn I knowwwwwwwwwwww
raw parsley + raw dill
raw cucumber, raw okras
mung bean soup
1/4 coconut water
1 Mega Acidophilus capsule

8.20 pm 1 glass of coconut
I ate a total of 1 coconut today
9.45 pm 1 small granny smith apple
10.30 pm I notice I've got quite a lot of whitehead on my nose area (yuck I know) probably it accumulated during the 1 week period or is because of the 3 meat-eating days ? I dunno
I gave myself a little facial and I'm good now :D
11 pm - midnite Sleep

6 Nov 09 -- just briefly.... I can't stop noting what I eat
morning - lemon water
10 am Finished eating
muntahu - yes I've been eating it everyday in small portions
mung bean soup
broccoli and carrot
10.30 am - 11 am kinda weak
ate 2/4 apple and mung bean soup
I was fine after that
Pre dinner - I ate vegs drizzled with olive oil
Dinner 1 whole coconut at 1 go
a little portion of grilled fish (ikan kuwe/kue) which I didn't like but I just had to eat it because I was eating with other family members and they put the fish on my plate and I just couldn't return the fish. I really didn't feel like eating that fish but I ate it anyway.
Later that night I ate some vegs and apple

7 Nov 09
I'm back to totally Vegan again

8 Nov 09
I started eating strawberries
I ate salmon & vegs & brown rice
I ate dragon fruit

9 Nov 09
I started gym woohooooooooo !!!!
so happy, so excited

I ate peanut sauce salad and crackers and rice
let me elaborate that
fried peanut, palm sugar, sweet soy sauce, fried crackers + msg, white carbs
but so happy ;p

I'm not 100% Vegan (for Now)

(decided 2 Nov 09)

Why ?

Most of the time I enjoy my Vegan food,
(both cooked and Raw/Living Foods)
- While I certainly don't miss the "full" feeling after eating non-Vegan food, I do miss sharing and "fighting over" for food with my families and friends who are non-Vegan.
This is what I wrote in a previous post :
Entering month 7 of being a Vegan, I probably started to lose motivation
I was alone during my Vegan months, I enjoy my Vegan meals, but no one to share it with, except at my blog :) and nobody support my being a Vegan. oohh poor me :) but I'm a tough one :D
and I sometimes feel kinda annoyed of the limited food choice I have when eating out and feel like I'm missing out, not on the food, but on spending time together sharing food at dinner tables.
You know how sometimes the best food is the one you have to fight over with your families/friends, when there's only one thing left on the plate with 5 hungry people staring at it. :)

- sometimes my lack of kitchen skill makes my Vegan food taste quite bland and I get bored.
I know I can add healthy tasty raw dressings to my salad, but sometimes I have no time, no knowledge of it yet nor the ingredients and I lack patience in the kitchen, even just for washing vegetables ;p
So I'm allowing more stuff for when I'm bored with my Vegan food and for when I really really want the other food so I can really really enjoy it so eating is not a chore and I can be happy.

I need that happy satisfied feeling at each meal.

I'll still eat healthily, mostly Vegan with more raw/Living Foods,
but I'm at this point right now where I'm a Vegan and I totally feel good about it, but I sometimes secretly want some non-Vegan food, (due to numerous reasons) so I'm allowing small portions of good quality fish, prawns, etc if I feel that my body needs it and if I really really want to (and not on a daily basis)
and I'm not going to feel guilty about it and I'm going to enjoy my healthy food, share good times with families and friends and be thankful about it, add some happiness, exercise, morning sun, etc and Life's good, which is what the essence of The Healthy Life Diet is.
I'll definitely listen to my body and be in control of what I eat and importantly, I want to truly enjoy all my meals, Vegan or non Vegan.
Even if one day I went overboard eating a non-Vegan food, I know my body will let me know that I need more healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds.
Hey.... I might not even want to eat a non Vegan food ever again after I wrote this, but at least the option is open for me.
This is my journey and this is where I am right now, and in the future I want to finally be able to go 100% Raw, maybe 95% ;) and totally feel satisfied with eating just Living Foods.

For now
I will try to eat more raw living foods and I don't know when I'll be back to being 100% Vegan again, maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe tomorrow... who knows :)
(At this point, still No refined carbs, refined sugar, Fried Food.)

- Vegetables - as much as possible is okay, more Raw please

I'll slowly incorporate these below in my diet only If I feel I need to, I'll listen to my body.
- Fruits - I'm not going to over indulge, I used to eat lots and lots of fruits in 1 day until my tummy goes big ;p but I know better now. I'll eat in smaller portions. Less sweet ones first.

- Complex Carbs & grains - maybe sweet potato, brown rice etc only in small portions, I'm starting gym and I'm scared of passing out during workout, although I've never passed out before.
(Update. I now bring coconut water to the gym instead of water, and I feel great at the gym :D)

- Soy - Tofu & Tempe - Also small portion and not daily
Soy may not be all that good for you but Tofu and Tempe is a staple food here since forever and I love them and I don't eat them everyday anyway.
- No dairy (not interested at this moment)
- Meat
Fish & Prawns - fresh good quality ones are allowed.
I'll be aware of the mercury level though, read here :
Lamb, Duck, Pork - maybe, we'll see if I really really want it.
Beef, chicken - not really interested

Chickens - we have available here chicken with no hormones, so it's much smaller in size, called ayam kampung (it literally means : village chicken)
some are free range and eat natural food, but you don't really know.
So I'll probably allow myself some of this chicken and eggs, but I don't really feel like it at the moment.

I might eat fish one day and stay Vegan for the next 5 days.
or I might eat not even want to eat fish and sweet potato and just eat vegs.
You know how your eyes get "hungry" ? ;p and your nose as well.
You see food and you smell food and you want it, even though you know it's bad for you.... So you eat and you feel bad afterwards (and oh the guilt).
I've been on that cycle before but I want to always be in control now. I'll listen to my body and not my eyes :) nor my nose (sense of smell) ;p
We all know what we need to eat but we tend to get tempted and eat "junk" instead. So we all need to really listen to our body, listen to what we really want to eat. Feel it, feel the vibration :) and you'll also feel good about it.
I'll always eat lots of vegs and choose what I eat healthily.
I might go back to being 100% Vegan, or I might not. I don't know.
but I'll still be "candida aware"
which means I'll restrict my sugar consumption (fruits, carbs)
and I'll still have my garlic, ginger tea, Probiotics, and other supplements.


and Maybe after a few weeks from now,
I'll allow myself to eat some of the "junk",
(occasionally or rarely ;p)
such as :
- Fried Food
Why ?
Reason no.1
Because I love Fried Tempeh so much !!! :)
but I'll be in control !!!
1 bite = 1 bite
2 bite = 2 bite
1 Fried Tempe makes me happy.
5 Fried Tempe makes my throat hurts, and my tummy all greasy and uncomfortable.

Reason no.2
Raw salad can sometimes be bland and boring.
Raw salad + crunchy Onion Rings bits is too die for :D
See... it makes me happy and I totally enjoy my food, which is a big factor.
If I had a dehydrator I might be able to make healthy raw chips from vegs, but I don't have a dehydrator right now, so.

- Sugar
Yupp... after all this time, I'm still tempted by Desserts
I'll still opt for the Traditional Vegan desserts for now though, non dairy and using palm sugar instead of refined sugar.
but I'll try to eat them rarely and in small portions !!!!
besides, if everyone else is enjoying a glass of cendol, instead of just staring at them, I can at least take 2 big spoonful of it :)
But if I can find a guy selling fruit salad nearby, I think I'm good :)

- Refined carbs
white rice, bread
maybe... not interested now
but in the future, also rarely and in small portions

- Cheese
I don't know at this point.
I love cheese in general, fresh mozzarella slices, manchego cheese, parmegiano, etc. Not those commercial cheese with preservatives and artificial colors and colorings.
But I don't think I'll be eating cheese anytime soon.


Now what I'm gonna eat is gonna be
Not too strict
Not too much Fuss.
but still healthy, I'm going to be picky and choose the best quality possible.
It actually feels kinda liberating, it's exciting ;)

I don't want to think about Food Food Food all the time.
My Life is going to be much more exciting than just day dreaming of what to eat for lunch, for dinner, etc.
and If I can prepare my food, I'll try to always prepare it whole heartedly and happily, even though I don't like being in the kitchen ;)
If I can't prepare my food (No time to prepare) and I have to eat what's available, which is just vegetable that's too soft or too salty, instead of sulking and eating with a bad mood, I'll just eat it & be thankful for the food that is served on my table and I'll try to enjoy it and cherish that meal time spent with friends and families, with a big sincere smile.

Someone that's not entirely Vegan, but not eating animal products on a daily basis either. (only good quality ones)
Someone who's on a journey to maybe become a Vegan Raw Foodist but allowing guilt-free food temptations along the way.
Someone who listens to her body and who's in control of what she really needs to eat instead of "lusting" for unhealthy food.
Someone who's aware that it's not just about the food but it's about everything because everything is connected. (World, Environment, Life, Happiness, Exercise, Lifestyle, Grateful, Spirituality, Love, Friends, Families, Loving your Job, etc)
I'm ready for that interview, Oprah !! :)
Okay... one can always dream ;D
I know others are probably already doing this diet/lifestyle..... but it's just good to realize this on my own :) realizing my mistakes, what I'm missing, weighing the options, learning how to stay healthy but still enjoy Life and the company of Loved ones.
And how did I get here ?
I'm lucky that during my being a Vegan and my reading other people's websites and blogs, I've encountered a lot of good useful sites that are filled with ever-blooming information. So a Big Thankx to all of you out there :)
See... we're all connected.

And the most important thing is I
Enjoy the Food
Enjoy Dining with Families and Friends
Laugh out Loud
Exercise + Morning Sun
Purely Happy
stay "Awake" in Life, Positive Energy, Lot's of Love,
and Prayers in everything :)

I'll listen to my body, I'll be in control
and I'll keep on learning and open to new ideas.

Anti Candida Diet Day 8

I ate meat .......I started yesterday
done on Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 am woke up
still sleepy
7.30 am 1/3 lemon water
8.20 am a little coconut meat - leftover
8.50 am 1 raw garlic mashed
soon after.....the "kick" - little headache and nausea, must be the garlic effect
(but i didn't get the kick on 7 nov09)
9.10 am breaky
steamed broccolis,
raw cucumber,
raw coriander leaves,
raw okras,
muntahu (tofu dish with prawn and minced pork)
steamed kangkung (Water Convolvulus)
boiled winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolabus)

see my table....
and towards the end I added some chicken soup (minus the chicken) and the salted/pickled vegetables (probiotic)

I feel soooo fulll... must eat less, but If I eat less, I get hungry quicker and I don't feel like eating constantly throughout the day now.
10 am 1/3 lemon water
1 Mega acidophilus capsule
1.30 am hungry again
11.45 am 1/2 glass fresh coconut water - so sweet
12.30 pm finished lunch
it's more or less the same as breaky, but no chicken soup and I added 1/4 avocado
1 Multivitamin tablet
1 Kelp capsule
1 pm - 3.30 pm Nap
4 pm 1/2 glass coconut (meat and water)
1/4 avocado
white tongue check - same like before
mouth ulcer check - looks the same but it doesn't hurt anymore since yesterday afternoon.

I'm starting to think that :
- my spit test will forever have strings and specks and sink to the bottom of the glass
It's just not an accurate test like some people say
- my white tongue is my normal tongue, with some normal toxin build up on the surface.
- My being "weak" and the headache, nausea, was caused by food poisoning and eating less and not the die-off reaction, or maybe it is ? and garlic might also help giving me nausea.
- maybe I should just go back to my Vegan eating way and just do a detox and 1 day fasting.

4.30 pm hungry
5 pm I ate a little bit of yesterday's fish leftover
3/4 avocado --> it made me a bit too full but I was going to take my dogs out for a walk, so I need the energy
1/4 coconut (water and meat)

6.40 pm I finished dinner
yuckkk :(
Why yuckkk ?????
I love rockets /rucola, but this one is bitter I don't know why so since I tend to mix everything together, yes mix everything together and eat.
The whole thing becomes bittery :(
It would've been a nice soupy veg soup if I hadn't put the rockets in.
It's steamed broccolis, raw cucumbers, sweet potato, raw okras, raw parsley, raw rockets, steamed carrots

top with some muntahu (tofu dish with prawn bits and minced pork) and a lil bit of the chicken soup (without the chicken) and pickled vegs (probiotic)

mix mix mix

I only ate half of it, leave the rest for later ;p
6.45 pm 1 Pandanus/Red Fruit capsule (I chewed it and throw the capsule out)
(Pandanus Conoideus Lam)
1 Mega Acidophilus

8.20 pm hungry again...
I finished the leftover

11.30 pm a little bit hungry
but I just drank...
I've been thirsty all day
Am I just needing water or is because of the MSG in the food ?
(update, I think it's not just because of the MSG, I've just been thirsty all the time lately)
I'm starting to feel guilty about eating the muntahu and the chicken soup thingy now because, yes, I'm accusing the MSG in the food.
But I'll allow it every once in a while if I really really want to.
I'll get back on track soon :)
Besides.... salad with avocado, nuts, beans, complex carbs, still sound really good for me, so I'm not going to lose control and start overeating all the non-vegan msg laden meal.

1 am still a bit hungry
sleepy, but I'm still in front of the computer
1.40 am finished doing stuff in the computer
ate a little avocado and 2/4 small granny smith apple
2.15 am sleep

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

Anti Candida Diet Day 7

Introducing Fruits
done on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6 am Woke up very very hungry, but still sleepy
6.20 am I ate
1/2 a cucumber
a little portion of yesterday's leftover fish
2/3 of an avocado
1/4 of a small granny smith apple
6.45 am - 7.20 am Morning sun, naked at home ;p
8.30 am 2/4 apple
8.45 am mouth ulcer is a bit painful now because it's in contact with my tooth when I'm chewing
(update. 4 Nov 09 - Day 8, mouth ulcer is still there but it's healing nicely because I can hardly feel it anymore)
9.20 am 1/4 apple
9.40 am I ate some broccolis, 1 piece of steamed carrots, and
I didn't really enjoy it
12.30 pm I ate asparagus, lettuce, parsley,
and "labu air", if I'm not mistaken, it's called bottle gourd (lagenaria siceraria) but this one doesn't look like a bottle
hopefully this is the right one

1 pm 1 Kelp capsule
1 garlic+parsley capsule
1.30 pm 1 Mega Acidophilus capsule
1/4 avocado
Road trip.... I went to Family Villa up in the mountain 2 hours away.
I napped in the car
5.30 pm Pre-dinner

3/4 of fish (white pomfret again)
steamed carrots
sweet potato - didn't finish the sweetpotato
feel so fullllll.... :)

7 pm a little nausea
7.10 pm 1 Mega Acidophilus
1/4 lemon + water
7.25 pm I started to feel hungry again
I just realized that I seem to get my Rainbow food from fruits.
Vegs are mostly green..... except for Eggplant and Tomato and Bell peppers and Purple cabbage... okay I got the point, but I'm not eating nightshade plants at the moment, and I read somewhere that tomato might be to acid ?

7.30 pm I went to a Restaurant, I was just going to accompany the rest of the family to eat and was going to eat at home afterwards and I got tempted.
I ate frogs with salted/pickled vegs (probiotic)
It had MSG, some corn starch/sago starch to thicken, and coconut cooking oil
a little bit coriander leaves garnish
3 small slices of cucumber, again, garnish
a tablespoon of rice
1/2 glass of fresh coconut
It was good !!!
But I'm thirsty now.

9 pm
I ate Muntahu (Tofu dish with prawns and minced pork)
I requested no salt, no msg, less oil, but it was still salty, I guess the tofu itself was salty or the chef added extra salty soy sauce, some people are just crazy like that.
2 little steamed carrots
1/2 coconut water
I'm too full now

I slept at around midnite perhaps
My nose was runny a bit because I was sleepy but the TV was so loud.
Woke up feeling fine the next morning :)

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

Anti Candida Diet Day 6

Introducing Fish

done on Monday, November 2, 2009

8 am I woke up after only 2.30 hours of sleep
I need to get ready to go to the bank.... still sleepy
I ate steamed broccolis and vegetable saute, dunno what kind of veg ;p
I then
10.10 am I started nibbling on steamed broccolis I brought with me
11.30 am Mixed boiled salad (Gado-gado) with lime juice
(boiled mung bean sprouts, cabbage, string beans, fresh cucumber)
hey...I was at the food court and there was no salad around.
12:00 pm 1 Multivitamin capsule
1 Mega Acidophilus (just bought a new one)
I know that there's no such thing as a complete live food in a bottle, but I'm feeling safer that I've got them now.

12:45 pm in the car again, nibbling on the sautee vegs

3 pm I was hungry again, good hungry
but I was kinda lazy to eat.
3.30 pm I ate broccolis, sautee vegs
yupp... the same thing as this morning....
and some rockets/rucola
I loved rockets and I used to eat just rockets with olive oil, salt and some grissini (breadsticks) when I was in Milan, but this imported rockets from Australia are so bitter :(
4 pm 1 capsule of Red Pandanus (high in Betacarotene, etc)
around 4.30 pm - 5 pm Nap
5 pm I woke up so hungry
the kind that needs food right away
I ate fish..... yupppppppppp
a White Pomfret to be exact.
steamed with garlic, ginger, spring onions and a little bit of salt
yup... that's the fish :)

I ate half if it (it's not that big) and sone broccolis, yesterday's leftover zucchini and mung bean sprouts sautee.
half a lemon and water.

7 pm
I don't know why I have a stomach ache at this time
started to have a slight headache
7.30 pm I drank some ginger Tea (I think it was cold)
and I felt normal after that

9.30 pm Started to feel hungry again
10.20 pm
I ate the fish again, lightly sautee asparagus, some coriander leaves, okras, lettuce.
and I drank the rest of the ginger Tea

I think I slept at 1 am

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

Anti Candida Diet Day 5

done on Sunday, November 1, 2009

8 am Woke up
Did a spit test
still stringy and there's specks in the middle of the water
but the saliva seems to float longer on top of the water.
Don't know whether that's a good sign or now, or maybe it didn't really float longer, oh well
(I don't think the spit test is a good test to determine candidiasis though)
I drank warm water + 1/3 lemon
1 Acidophilus capsule not long after.
8.30 am blend of
- aloe vera
- parsley
- ginger water
- 1/3 cucumber
9 am sunbathe
The sun wasn't hot, but I was out there for about 20 mins only
and I thought I pulled my short pants up, but apparenly not, now I have 2 asymmetrical short pants lines on both my thigh.
kinda like this

I guess no more st. john's wort for me, I took 1 capsule two day before to increase sun sensitivity to my skin, but I forgot that I get tanned so very very easily.
But it couldn't have been the st. john's wort making me more tanned when sunbathing today, can the effect happen when I just took 1 capsule the 2 nights before ?
(Update, although St. John's Wort increases sun sensitivity, it wasn't what caused my super fast tan, I tan quick because, well I tan fast, naturally and I think it's also because of all the food - healthy vegan)
hungry, shower and prepare food
9.45 am breakfast
I was starting to have a mild headache, late for breakfast ?
so I drank 1/3 a glass of coconut water
and breakfast is :
- lettuce
- 2 small raw okras
- mung bean sprouts (that's the only thing I've been sprouting)
- steamed cauli flower
- steamed cabbage
drizzled with olive oil

White Tounge Check
10:45 am I looked at my tounge again
It's whiter than yesterday ????
or is it just the lighting ? I think it was just because of the lighting

1.28 pm lunch
the same as breaky, with a little bit of parsley added
2 pm after lunch 1 garlic + 1/2 avocado
3.30 pm nap
4.30 pm woke up, hungry
Ate karedok (raw salad consisting of cabbage, string beans, sweet potato, cucumber, round eggplant) with some lemon juice and olive oil and salt
2+1 tofu and avocado
5 pm 1 kelp capsule
Are kelp supposed to be a white powder in a capsule ?
I'd assume green.

I know, not a bright rainbow color, there's supposed to be more string beans but somehow this one only has like 5 tiny cuts.
I dunno about eating tofu is allowed or not because it's fermented,and some people might add sugar when making tofu but I totally enjoyed it, so there ;p
6.27 pm I'm feeling hungry again
6.50 pm 1 slice of tofu
1/2 small glass of coconut water
8 pm a little bit of dinner like the one at 4.30 pm
but I wasn't really too hungry, probably because of the olive oil and the avocado, so I didn't finish the whole thing.
and I was bored eating the stuff, I wanted to have fish today but only had chicken at home, so maybe I'll have fish tomorrow.
9 pm 1 garlic & parsley capsule
2 glass of coconut water
oh full, now I have a bulging tummy
11 pm went to sleep
(It's 2 nov 09)
12.30 am woke up, feeling not so good, almost hungry, but weird and kinda hard to breathe !!
I don't know whether this is the die-off reaction or me dying ;p
I know I'm not starving myself because I eat whenever I feel hungry, so... we'll see.
so I ate 1/2 avocado and 1-1/2 glass of coconut water and I'm fine now.
By hard to breathe I meant not choking, but like there's only little air, but then again I live in one of the most polluted city in the world and I find it's always harder to breathe compared to in the mountains.
here, it's best described as this, when you're in an air-conditioned room, then your turn off the air-con, and after a while you'll find it hard to breathe, that's what I felt.
2.55 am turning off the computer, going to sleep....
3.30 am can't sleep, but sleepy, hungry again, but good hungry, tummy rumbling
I ate 1/3 cucumber and mung bean sprouts
4.10 am I'm still hungry, too lazy to prepare food
have a slight headache, thinking of just sleeping it off
4.30 am still hungry, still headache
so I went to the kitchen, ate 1 clove of crushed garlic
sautee zucchini and a lil bit of sprouts

I mean, seriously, I eat constantly, and even though I avoid sugar (carbs and fruits), I still get carbs and sugar from the vegs right ?
and I always eat until I'm not hungry anymore, and eat whenever I'm hungry.
So what's with the weird feeling ?
I mean, I've been a Vegan for 7 months now, and I eat the same vegetables as I was 6 months ago, but now I'm just not taking fruits for a while. I still take the good fats (avocado, coconut, almonds, extra virgin olive oil)
Why do I not feel good ?
I'm totally allright if this is the die-off reaction from the candida dying, but if it's not, then there's obviously something wrong with how I eat now.
Read here about Vegan diet
so really... I'm just omitting fruits for my diet and it's only day 5
I had the weird affect on Day 1, which might also caused from food poisoning instead but I doubt it.
Maybe I really do have candidiasis in my system.

I miss fruitssss !!!!
I just miss eating fruits, but I don't crave it and I don't crave sugar, and I think that's a good thing :)
I'll eat fish, and maybe shrimps and prawns tomorrow and see if I improve.

Little caution when Consuming fish
"I do suggest you avoid shark, tuna, swordfish, shellfish, and farm raised salmon because of high mercury levels. The safest fish are shrimp and sardines and wild fish is always better than farm raised. Always trim the belly and dorsel fin section of any fish. These two areas contain the most fat and that is where most toxins accumulate."

"Do not eat Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, or Tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury.
Eat up to 12 ounces (2 average meals) a week of a variety of fish and shellfish that are lower in mercury. : Five of the most commonly eaten fish that are low in mercury are shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish."

I take a long time to eat....I eat while typing, I eat while researching on the internet, bla bla bla.... so I often take 30 mins or more while eating, a lot of pause in between, dunno whether that's a bad thing or not.

I always have trouble sleeping, but when I'm on this anti-candida diet, it just got worse,
Is it because of the hunger ?
what about famine mode and slowed down metabolism and not feeling hungry ?
Despite sleeping late last night.
I notice that I woke up looking fresh this morning, good skin, no puffy tired eyes, glowing even.

I notice that my lips are getting a bit dry since yesterday, but not chapped, I applied lip balm and it'sok.
The mouth ulcer is still there, but it's not bothering me so much.

5 am I've just decided
I'm not going to do the Anti-Candida Diet that's too strict anymore now.
What about the Candida ?
I don't even know if I have candidiasis or not, I was just gonna do this for a few days and see what happens.

I'm pretty sure that candida will eventually go away in time, with a proper healthy diet and lifestyle.

I'm bored with the food !!! sometimes my Vegan food just taste so bland and I get bored, (most times it's really good and I enjoy it so much) So I'm allowing more stuff for when I'm bored with my Vegan food and also for when I really really want the other food so I can really really enjoy it ;p
I need that happy satisfied feeling at each meal.

honestly, some of the weird symptoms & discomfort are scaring me ;p and I'd like to be on the safer side now.
I know I'm supposed to do this under a supervision of an expert, etc etc, but I just decided to do my own research until I just got so overwhelmed by all the different information on the internet and I didn't know who to ask.
So Last night I prayed and said "If I'm doing this right, please guide me to the right information and If I'm doing this wrong, please "wake" me up"
I'm a Catholic but I'm not the most religious person, I'm still lazy to go to church and I still even got scared of ghosts when I'm alone ;p
But I believe in God and I try to say my prayers in about everything.
I know any sane person would not even try such a diet if the reaction is quite bad, but stubborn me was persistent to stay on this diet.
So today, I suppose you can say that I got my "answer" because after 5 days of enduring what I suspect to be the "die-off" reaction or what could be the effect of my only eating vegetables for 5 days, I've finally decided to slowly start adding more food such as complex carbs, fruits, fish to my diet.
So.... prayers do help :)
Still focusing on the Anti-Candida Diet though....
Read next post for Anti-Candida Diet Day 6 with Fish :)

I think I'm no longer 100% Vegan for now.
Why ? will write a post about it

5.30 am sleep
8 am wake up (2 Nov 09)

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

Anti Candida Diet Day 4

done on Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why ?
because I read this,
"The advice I give to people who ask me about candida is to go on a really low-fat diet for a while, avoiding all oil, nuts and avocado."
So, since I was reading about how it's the fat, and not sugar, that's causing the candida issue. I'm going to try No Fat today.
No Extra virgin Olive oil, No Virgin Coconut Oil, No almonds.

But I'm gonna see what happens, if I feel weak, I'll probably add it in.
Food will be Vegetables (cooked and raw) and maybe some fresh lemon juice as the dressing.
I'm still being a Vegan in this diet, but If I feel really really bad, I might add fish or whatever's available in the kitchen.

7.30 am Woke up
8 am Drank a small glass of my blend of
- 1/2 lemon,
- handful of parsley (wished they were organic)
- 1 fresh aloe vera meat
- 1/2 a small cucumber
9.30 am Breakfast
- a capsule of Acidophilus (which I still dunno whether it's still alive or not, and I keep on forgetting to take it 30 mins before eating)
- steamed brocolli
- steamed carrots (they were sweet, but hey)
- mung bean sprouts
- lettuce
- cucumber
no dressing no salt
I was a bit weak at this point, because after I drank my blend at 8 am, soon after I felt kinda hungry and I probably should've eaten my breakfast not long after, but instead, I made some sprouts, I went outside to sit in the morning sun for a while, (actually, I couldn't find a chair nearby so I squatted ;p I didn't sit on the floor because I didn't want to get my short dirty), then I went to the bathroom, and so I ate my breakfast at 9.30 am.
Resulting in minor headache & feeling a little weak.
But I'm feeling better afterwards, but I felt sleepy so I thought I'd take a morning nap (instead I wrote this post)
10.50 am Ginger Tea
11 am still feeling the slightest almost non existent headache, or is it nausea ? can't tell the difference.
stomach is starting to mildly rumble for food ? Am I hungry again ?
11.35 am small pre-lunch
mung bean sprouts + steamed broccoli
1 pm
I will sleep now (please doggies, don't bark, please don't bark ;p)
nope... doggies didn't bark at all, but everyone else in the house seems to be busy making noises
it was a bad nap ;(
2.40 pm woke up very very hungry
not a painful hungry, a good hungry
I went to the kitchen right away to have 2/3 of a cucumber
(I've used the 1/3 earlier)
boy... cucumber never tasted that good, that was a good sweet crunchy cucumber.
3 pm still hungry, so I took a handful of freshly steamed broccolis, oh that was good and warm.
then after a while I had 1 garlic, crushed.
When I was walking back to my room, I felt like a slight burn on my upper abdomen, a heartburn maybe ? I dunno I've never had a heartburn before, I think. I also felt a slight headache and nause. Could it be the instant death of the candida ? I wish
It went away after 1 minute. and oohhh... 1 garlic burp...yuck.
(Update. I think it's because the garlic is stuck in the end of my oesophagus, just right before entering my stomach, I didn't drink a lot of water when I eat raw mashed garlic because I don't want to dilute the garlic, usually I'm fine after I take a bite of something, I think it helps "push" down the garlic into my stomach)
Later that afternoon I ate again, around 4-5 pm maybe
(steamed broccoli, sprouts, raw zucchini, but didn't finish the whole thing) I felt normal.

I then gave my 2 dogs a bath... I got hungry again in the middle and snacked on some broccolis.
I notice when I was squatting near my dog and stood up, I felt a slight headache, just that once, not all the time and I've been squatting and standing all the time then.
"There is another type of dizziness upon standing that's caused by postural hypotension. This type of dizziness, faintness or light-headedness results from a decrease in blood flow to the brain, due to a drop in blood pressure upon standing up. At one time or another, we've probably all experienced mild postural hypotension from standing up too quickly. As long as it occurs only occasionally, there's little cause for alarm."
(Update, I didn't experience any dizziness upon standing up anymore)
6.40 pm I ate the afternoon's leftover (broccoli, sprouts, zucchini)
Sometimes the food tastes ok, sometimes it just taste so bland and boring, like right now ;p
8 pm I got hungry again so I had a small bowl of sprouts with a little bit of salt.
9 pm I made myself a blend of
- 1 fresh aloe vera
- half a small cucumber
- coconut water & meat
- a little bit of ginger tea (cold - in the fridge)
(I forgot to apply the blend to my face as skinfood, oh well)
It was good, not too sweet, not too bland.

I know I said that I wasn't going to have any fats today, but at least that coconut is a good fat.
I'm going to have my usual intake of good fats tomorrow, some avocado, some almond, some extra virgin olive oil.
I'm sleepy now and I'm going to bed soon..... :)
10.30 pm I really need to sleep now, sleepy since 9 pm but insisted on writing this post, oh when will I ever learn ?
I'm starting to have a mild headache now, kinda throbbing.... the one u get when you need sleep but don't sleep, and my eyes are tired.
10.50 pm I thought, just maybe I needed some fresh coconut water, took a glass, nope... headache still there.
1 am I'm back in front of the computer now, not sleepy anymore, headache still here.
1.33 am My eyes are still tired but Headache's going away, and hopefully I don't get hungry now, I'll try to sleep now.
I think I slept at 2 am, luckily I didn't get hungry in the middle of the night.

I checked and I lost 1-1.5 kg since I started this anti-candida diet.
I'm not doing this to lose weight as I'm very happy with my previous weight.

At this point,
I'm tired of researching for anti-candida diets and other relating info, some say this, some say that, it's confusing sometimes, so I'm just gonna use common sense.
The more I read the more everything seems to be connected, the symptoms, the conditions, the cure, etc etc.
So what's best is to take care of ourselves, and listen to our body and don't overeat and seriously, no junk food if possible.

I didn't take any supplements today did I ?
I guess not.

I know I know, I'm supposed to have more variety in my vegetable choice, will try to eat more different veggies tomorrow.
And I must eat when I get hungry so I don't get dizzy, maybe my blood sugar running a bit low ?

I seem to have forgotten to check on my Vitiligo and took pics for my own documentation (won't be posting them ;p)
will do tomorrow.

In the Toilet,
read this only if you're curious ;p
I always "go" every morning and today it was like a mild diarrhea and it stank a bit (sorry ;p), color was moss green.
Probably because of the spirullina I took the day before, it always happen when I take spirullina.

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)
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