Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to steam Vegetables the Lazy & Quick & Easy way

It's mostly the Lazy way.

So... Veggies washed, cut up accordingly.
Get a pan, a normal pan with lid.
Like the one to boil water in.

Pour water, just a bit.
Till approx half an inch depth (of water)
Put Veggies in.
Close lid.
Fire away (turn on stove)
Wait a short while, don't get your veggies over cooked.
(I prefer slightly steaming vegetables, so they are still kinda crunchy, hopefully that way the enzymes aren't all dead yet and I still get most of the nutrients.)
Take veggies out of pan.

So, that way, you don't have to use a fancy steamer that makes you wash twice as much stuff.
You don't boil the veggies, well only the bottom part, but mostly get steamed :)
Like I said, this is the Lazy way.

If you don't eat the whole thing in one go, don't leave the veggies inside the pan, especially not with the lid on, otherwise the heat will continue cook the Veggies and you'll end up having a soft mushy vegetables.

You might wanna Blanch it to stop the heat from further cooking the Vegetables.

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