Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to cure a Cold / Flu the Natural Way ?

1. Eat Right
Eat lots of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
(you can also throw in some raw Vegs if you want)
No Fried Food
No Junk Food

2. Drink Right
Drink lots of Water
Drink Fresh Fruit Juice.
Herbal tea also helps : warm water + raw ginger + lemon,
warms my throat everytime, but I find it kinda yucky if it's not warm ;p
unless of course, if the raw ginger is in a fruit juice.

3. Breathe well
Take in a lot of Fresh Oxygen.
yes... stuffy nose... but at least try if you can :)

4. Sleep.... Total Rest.
Don't feel guilty for taking a rest........
Don't think of anything distressing, just take a rest, peacefully.
Leave everything behind, just focus on getting better :)

5. Get the morning sun if you can.
sunbathe a little... in the morning.... around 7-9 am

6. Air up your room.
Ventilate... open your windows and get some fresh air.

7. Kill time
- Watch a Really good funny movie to make you Laugh and Smile.
- Call up your friends/family
- Positive affirmation , "I'm getting better by the minute"
- Meditate, Pray, etc

8. I never take any medications when I catch a cold, and so far I'm doing fine.
But you know your body best.
So you decide what's best for you.

9. Know that you're getting better.
Just KNOW it
and Repeat it to yourself and BELIEVE it.
You are well, you are healthy.

10. Feeling happy and Laughter will also makes you healthier and boost your immune system.
So start feeling happy :D and Laugh out loud.

11. The best part of being sick ?
You get to boss people around
*must control self*

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