Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to eat raw ginger ?

Well, you don't ;p
you drink it :) at least that's how I consume raw ginger.
Unlike my sister who can eat raw ginger strips on top of her porridge, I try to take in ginger in liquid form.

So.... we all know that ginger is good for us.
and we also know that "live" enzyme from raw vegan food is good for us.
So I don't know whether boiling ginger slices will eliminate its health properties, but people's been doing this since forever, so... it's probably still beneficial for us.
But I also try to take in fresh raw ginger, just because :)
and this is how :

Cool Ginger Drinks
Mix it with your fruit juice.
Don't use too much if you can't stand the ginger taste.
Just add a tiny thumb size of peeled ginger when you're juicing.
Just throw it in the juicer and you get a little "kick" in your fruit juice.

Warm Ginger Drinks
Take a tiny thumb size of peeled ginger.
Put into a blender (the small one for grinding spices)
add a little bit of water and start the blender.
Strain and add warm water.
You may also add lemon, palm sugar, etc.
mmm... warm ginger drink....
but I don't really like it when it's not warm anymore ;p

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