Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to Maintain your Healthy Weight ?

The thing is, it's all connected.

If you want to maintain your Healthy weight,
then you also have to maintain your :
> Healthy Diet (control what you eat)
> Healthy Lifestyle (exercising, no staying up too late, etc)
> Healthy State of Mind
seriously, being happy affects your whole well being :)

The "fun" part is, when you're trying to lose weight, or when you're trying a new diet/lifestyle.
It's all fun and experimental at first, then you start to lose weight, healthily.
Then you keep maintaining your Healthy Diet-Lifestyle-State of Mind
and then you finally get your Ideal Healthy Weight.
Of course you get excited :)

Then after a while,
you start to feel a bit bored, just a tad
and then you start slacking.
oh this is so classic.
You start to skip one day of exercise and it becomes three.
then you start to allow yourself that tiny scoop of ice cream.
Hey after 2 weeks, you still haven't gain weight.
So... you start slacking even more and at the end of that month
you've gain weight... yupp.... not the healthy one.
then you think to yourself "If I can do it before, I can do it again, I'll start tomorrow"
but then tomorrow becomes another tomorrow and another year.
and you end up the same as before, unhealthily overweight.
yes, we've all been there.

So what do you do ?
How do you keep fit and keep your best ideal weight without feeling bored ?
1. Variations in your Diet & Exercise
Always find stuff that get you more motivated and interested in continuing your Healthy Life.
yea yea.... we all know that... but being bored is being bored....
But seriously,
> Try out a new exercise, ballet dancing, taekwondo, taichi, body combat, wushu, anything.
Have Fun, you'll find yourself getting re-motivated once again, like that feeling of "I can't wait to do it again tomorrow, I wish tomorrow would come quicker"
> Try to eat different kinds of food, different spices, different cooking method.
It might seem cliche, but it actually works.
There are times when I'm super bored with my usual food, but then I tried different ethnic food and hey, I sometimes even experimented cooking in the kitchen, and they turned out to be one of the best satisfying meal ever.

2. Competition is sometimes a good thing.
Yup.... being competitive in a positive way makes you stay motivated.
Work out together. If your friends can stay so toned after a year, so can you.
Have a potluck dinner together and compete in preparing the best food, the weirdest food even.

3. Ask yourself what makes your mouth water ?
Imagine 2 things in your head.
a. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
(Berries, sweet Watermelon, Figs, Oranges, Fresh Colorful Salads, etc)
b. Pale Processed & overly cooked food, Cold limp Fried food.
Which one would you choose ?
or which one would you eat more ??
The answer is obvious :)
Even when you think you're craving a sweet desserts, your body might actually be craving something else, Have a freshly sliced sweet cantaloupe or grapes or other fresh fruits, then you're good.

4. If you still crave junk food, really really crave junk food.
Allow yourself those junkfood, but Be in Control and Listen to your body.

So you've really really been craving those french fries.
Allow yourself to indulge but don't overeat.
This is when we usually lose control and start to overeat.
Listen to your body, if you haven't touched fried food for some time, eating it again won't feel right and your stomach will definitely let you know.
So really Listen to your body, Be in control, Have discipline :)
I know sometimes I allow myself some fried food & sugary desserts, I miss them and eating them makes me feel happy & satisfied, but I "pinch" myself to tell me to stop.
Just imagine all those months of Healthy Eating and now you're wasting all that efforts away by eating greasy TransFat/Saturated Fat/Bad Fat ???
what ?? Greasy yucky Fattening Unhealthy Bad Fat in your stomach ??
So be in control and if you can.... don't even start eating junk food again :)

Stay Motivated !!
Stay Having Fun !!
Stay Happy !!

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