Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to not get a cold ?

1. Don't share food with people who have a cold

2. Don't hang around too much with people who have a cold.

3. Don't spend long hours in an unventilated room.
Germs fly around over and over again ;p

you get the point ;)

But But But
Generally, You yourself can make yourself sick
So :

1. Don't stay up late or force yourself to stay up late.
Don't stay up for another 30 mins of TV or facebooking.
Don't try to finish all your work in 1 nite and end up sleeping at 5 am.
Take a rest, Sleep, Be in control.
Basically If you're tired, If you're sleepy --> Rest & Sleep.
Continue your work the next day.

2. Don't overeat, it overworks your system and makes you more tired and somehow it's easier to catch a cold. umm... kinda..... umm... just don't overeat ;p
Eat Healthy stuff !!!

3. Don't eat too much fried stuff, or Don't eat fried stuff at all.
The worst kind of cold/flu is when you also have a really bad sorethroat/cough.
It's the lethal torture of phlegm in your throat .... yuckkk... torture.... :(
so, when you feel like you're catching a cold.... fried food is a big no no.

4. If you're too tired
Don't force yourself to go to the gym or exercise.
Don't think you're "strong" enough and you'll feel better after sweating.
If you think you're kinda weak... then eat your healthy meal and Rest/Sleep
you'll definitely feel better afterwards.

5. Take a Vitamin C supplement
I don't take a daily dose of Vitamin C because I eat a lot of Fruits and Vegetables anyway.
But sometimes when I feel like I'm starting to kinda catch a cold, I take one capsule of Vitamin C.
The bottle says you are free to take up to a few tablets in a day when you're sick, but I always take just 1 tablet and I'm usually fine the next day.
( But If I'm already sick, I don't usually take in Vitamin C, though, coz it's kinda useless for me)
Choose what's best for you, some brands don't really work for me.
I only take a capsule of 500mg Vit C (Ester-C) , not a high dose 1000 mg one.
I tend to avoid high dose of everything.

6. Know that you're NOT getting a cold.
Know that you're Healthy.
Just KNOW it
and Repeat it to yourself and BELIEVE it.
You are well, you are healthy.

7. Feeling happy and Laughter will also makes you healthier and boost your immune system.
So start feeling happy :D and Laugh out loud.

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