Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have a cold........... boohooo

Sooo........ I usually never ever get sick,
especially when I'm on this Vegan diet.
Last time, the whole house caught the flu and I was the only one who didn't get it.
Okay.. enough bragging. ;p

I have the flu now !!!
Here's how it happened :
Day 0
I was at our family villa a few days ago...
I started sneezing a few times, but I thought it was just normal.
plus I've been sleeping late for a few days and my mom just recovered from a cough, but I was fine.
So... In the afternoon, I walked the dogs, it was kinda chilly,
but I just wore a T-shirt and shorts.
After that I took a shower and washed my hair, at 10 pm.
yea... nice
So... right after shower, I started to have runny nose, but still normal... kinda
So after dinner, I took a Vitamin C, went to bed...
yes... late at night... I think I slept at 2 am.

Day 1
Watery Eyes
Runny nose (watery-runny nose)
yes.. confirmed, I have a cold
still runs around the house with the dogs though

Day 2
Runny nose, turning into phlegmy yucky, but only slightly greenish every now and then
I know... I'm sorry ;p
But still eating all the good stuff, steamed veggies, fruits (melon, watermelon), coconut

Day 3
No more uncontrollable watery-runny nose.
But blows nose constantly...
Thank god I didn't develop a sorethroat.... I really thought I was getting it.
I'm getting better today... played around with my dogs for a while.
I think I might even wash my hair tomorrow.
(update, I washed my hair on Day 5 hoho)

So... this is today....

wake up...
drink water
eat watermelon
lunch (spinach, carrot, string bean, cauli flower, tofu, oliveoil)

eat watermelon again
eat 2 bananas
dinner (carrot, string bean, tofu, beanspouts, oliveoil, sesame seed oil on the tofu)

mix it altogether

drink sweet chrysantemum tea (sachet)
supper (barley, red bean in palm sugar + coconut milk + fresh ginger water)

mmm the ginger warms my throat.

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