Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why do we crave Junk Food ?

1. They are readily available Everywhere.
Supermarkets, malls, food courts, street food stalls, etc
All you have to do is grab them and start eating.
We tend to feel lazy even to peel a banana, let alone prepare a full healthy meal.
that's why we crave junk food, it's so easy and fast.

2. Everyone's eating them, even the beautiful people.
So it's kind of a social situation.
All your friends sitting there eating and you're the only one not eating junk food.
Here's a simple solution :
Bring your own food, Get a Take Away !!
that way you can still hang around with them and have your healthy meal.
What ?
Buying a bowl of salad doesn't look appetizing because everyone else is eating junk food and seem to be enjoying themselves, so you follow the crowd ?
You're craving junk food because of peer pressure ? kinda ?
Wrong, you should have your salad and show them you're the one enjoying your salad.
Show them a salad with a twist can be a totally great satisfying meal and make them envy you.

3. They are spoonfed at you over and over again.
We don't actually crave those processed food, we crave the thought of eating them.
Especially when those foods are repeteadly advertised in magazines, on TV, in the radio, everywhere.
And if everything is repeated a gazillion times, we tend to want it, it's all marketing.
That is why we crave junk food.
The truth is, Our bodies don't really crave them.
We crave Healthy Food.

4. There are so many variations and combinations of junk food.
How many variations and combinations of Healthy Food that you know ? that you've seen ?
Not much.
Healthy food equals to boring food to many. That is so untrue, there are so many variations and combinations and tastes in Healthy Food.
How can you see them as boring food when you don't even know them ?
How can you crave Healthy food if you haven't even tasted them.
If you want to be Healthy and have your best weight, you should really try to Eat Healthy Food, period.

Plus Junk food is presented in a cool graphic mouth-watering way, yup advertising.
so they're always Fun to look at and you're attracted to them.

5. They are mostly added with preservatives and artificial ingredients, such as artificial color, artificial flavor (MSG)
So you think they taste so much better, but they don't.

Having said all those reasons above.
You are craving junk food because they taste "good" and they are "fast" and they are readily available everywhere bla bla bla.
But you are in fact could be craving something else,
you're craving for something that's not in sight, yea if you don't see them you forget they exist,
(fruits and vegs)
you're craving for something else that might takes a little bit of preparations.
You're craving for Healthy Food.
If you're thirsty, drink water, don't drink soft drinks.
Get your sugar cravings from fresh naturally sweet fruits.
Have your bowl of fresh Rainbow colored salad when you're hungry.
If you're not Vegan, go ahead and add baked salmon, grilled chicken, all the healthy stuff.
Just enjoy your meal.
You'll feel a "lighter" after that meal, not the kinda of "heavy" feeling after a big meal of greasy fast food.

So.... Just give Healthy Food a try.
Just start today.
and hopefully You'll be craving Healthy Food always. :)

Trust me, If Yummy Healthy food are heavily advertised everywhere and they're easily found everywhere, You'll definitely crave Healthy Food above all others :D

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s. stockwell said...

We hate the fast food and hope it just packs up and goes away? This is a great post. love it, best, s

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