Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why we crave Fried Food

It is because our body wants more nutrients than just vegetables and fruits.
It wants beans and nuts and seeds. (Organic & Raw if possible)
It also wants the live enzyme from fresh Vegetables (Organic & Raw)
Vegan or no Vegan... we all need to eat a balanced diet packed with nutrients.
and If we're missing out on some essential nutrients, we crave for something, and sometimes we don't know what we crave, so we turn to comfort food, sometimes sugary dessert, ice cream, and in this case, fried food.
So instead of giving in to our cravings, we better start eating right.
We better start eating a healthier, wider variety of nutrient packed food :)

Here's why :

These past 2 weeks, I've been craving fried food everyday,
Some days, I'd even just fry a simple flour+water+olive oil batter on a non stick pan and eat it with my salad/vegan food.
I know that is totally nutrition-less, but I so want that crunch in my food.

I think I know why
when I started being Vegan almost 4 months ago.
I was really good.. no fried food, no sugar, no simple carbs (rice, potato, flour, etc).
and most importantly, no cravings of those "bad" food.
I ate lots of vegetables (raw and lightly steamed) and fruits.
I also ate nuts (almond, pistachio, cashew, etc) and seeds (sesame seeds, flax seed)
and I also eat some beans (red beans, green beans, etc) and soy (tofu, tempeh, beancurd sheets)

Lately, I rarely eat nuts, seeds, and beans and raw Vegetables.
why ?
After a while, I've gotten a bit lazy to prepare food in the kitchen.
So, I've only been eating vegetable dish that the housekeeper made for me (vegs mostly sauteed or lightly steamed, with olive oil and salt.)
I haven't been eating Fresh Raw Vegetables because I usually prepare Raw Salads myself.
I think that's why I crave fried food....
I actually crave the crunch, the texture, the taste of nuts, seeds, beans and raw vegetables.

Of course, I can't ignore the fact that fried food taste good !!
But the downside of Fried Food is :
1. Fried Food always make my throat a bit uncomfortable afterwards.
2. I'd feel uncomfortable if I eat too much fried food, because my stomach would definitely notice all the oils absorbed in those fried food.
3. and Yep... Fried food is bad for you.
It's bad when you're trying to lose weight, It's bad when you're trying to cleanse, It's just bad for you.
4. Do you also get this or is it just me ? When I eat too much crunchy food, I hurt my gum a bit, the one near the lower wisdom tooth at the back of your mouth, that's where I chew my crunch crunch and the friction probably irritates my gum a little.

Plus... it's kinda like "When you start again, you can't stop"
I know that's how it is, after I had my first fried food after a while, I kinda crave it and eat more and more the next time.
So I better start eating healthier food and start adding more nuts, seed, beans and raw vegs in my food, instead of eating fried stuff.

Plus.... Motivation is Important.
Knowing that you want to have a healthy long life surrounded with your loved ones, helps you focus on staying healthy and choosing the right food to eat.



damjanalikesitwholesome said...

Oh, panbis reminds me of cannabis;).
I wanted to finally use up the poppy seeds which I once bought to make the cottage cheese/walnut/poppy seed/apple cake which I never made! But it was a nice try. said...

haha.... Panbis was the first name that come to mind :D

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