Monday, August 31, 2009

Chrysanthemum Tea

I like drinking Chrysanthemum Tea
I love the floral aroma.

It has some health benefits to it.
It's known to have a cooling properties to our body and it's believed to aid in the prevention of sorethroat and fever, even to aid digestion.

I got my flowers dried in a package and I just move it into a container and put it in the fridge.
I then take just a little amount (they do expand) to put in my glass and then I add boiling water to it.
Sometimes I swirl the first tiny bit of boiling water and throw the water out, just to rinse the flower.
and then fill my glass and wait till it's not too hot
and sip.... mmmmmmm..... and I'd just relax :)
I also like to eat the flower petals ;p
but that's just me.

I notice that my tea turns greenish after a while.
I suppose that's it's oxidating ?

and another thing is, Chrysanthemum can also be used for pesticide.
Whattt ??????
hohoho calm down...
I suppose you have to extract a large amount phyrethrins extracted to produce a lethal pesticide, besides chrysanthemum tea has been a popular drinks in Asian countries.

But drink at your own risk ;p
As a matter a fact, I'm making myself a chrysanthemum Tea right now.
mmmmmmm........ :)

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