Monday, August 3, 2009

Fried Tempeh - My Favorite Fried Food

besides kerupuk / crackers and banana fritters and everything else fried :D

I love Fried tempeh....
yes.. it's fried... :(
but they're just so good.... :)

I always thought that you just cut tempeh and fry them
but nooooo..........
you have to season them first.

This is salt + garlic + coriander seed + a little bit of water
and just crush everything using "ulekan"
It's the traditional Indonesian spice masher before the spice-blender era.
and is still widely used today because it gives more aroma and texture to the result.
kinda like a peston mortar, but you crush the spices by a twisting hand movement....
I'll post a video of it soon :)

then you dip the tempeh slices and leave them there for a while....
then deep fry it.
Done !!

Another favorite of mine is thin sliced tempeh, coated in batter and deep fried into a crispy crunchy tempeh.
oooohhh... this is even better.

Yup... everything tend to stick together

the result ......
mmmmmmmmm :)

Enjoy your tempe /tempeh :D
yes... eating too much of fried tempe will tickle my throat a bit, so I always eat my fried tempe with salad and lots of vegetables and I don't eat them 3 days in a row.... next time. ;p


janet said...

Mmm yummy, I love tempeh. I usually eat it with grilled veggies on a salad.

iRaw said...

Oh, these look great! I have some eggplant I need to cook up and was thinking of fritters. There's something for you on my blog. :o)

jd said...

I've never tried friend tempeh before, but you sure do make it sound good!

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