Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kue Rangi

Kue Rangi is another Traditional Indonesian Desserts.
yupppp... a lot of the Traditional Indonesian Desserts are totally Vegan :D

It's made out of sago flour and coconut slices and a tiny bit of salt to taste.
then "baked" on this traditionally homemade baking tray.
usually sold on a street food vendor, served on a banana leaf shaped into a plate, cleverly secured with "lidi" (the ribs of palm leaf)
and drizzled with thick sweet palm sugar, sometimes jackfruit / durian are added for a more intense flavor there.

It's kinda crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside and the sweetness comes from the drizzled sauce............ yummmmmmm............................

What I ate is the one I ordered from a Restaurant at a Mall.
The one you found on the street......... is way more authentic and yummier.
Too bad they're a bit hard to find nowadays.....

But here's a photo of a Kue Rangi seller from Selby

I just love how Selby takes a lot of detailed pics of everything.
Selby, You Rock !! :)

That other plate is Karedok
Another Traditional Indonesian / Sundanese Raw Salad, served usually mixed with sauce made of a tiny bit of galanga (Kaempferia galangal L) + peanut sauce and palm sugar.
I prefer to separate the peanut sauce so I can add just exactly how much sauce I want :)
But more on post on karedok later.... :)

btw, Do you see the jar filled with pickles ?
It's called acar, and it's filled with cucumber, carrots, shredded cabbage, lightly pickled......... well... I don't think it's pickled because it's not pickle-y sour but instead, it's lightly soaked in sugar-salt-chili water (I think)
But it's there on every table so everyone can have as much as they want ;p

Kue Rangi rules.......... :)


Selba said...

It looks bigger compare to the one from the street vendor. Too bad, it didn't taste as good as you expected. Hopefully, you can find the street vendor's one :) said...

you know how they say quality over quantity ? :)
but the Kue Rangi that I had was pretty good considering I was craving it at the time.

foodcreate said...

Looks Delicious !

I would love to try it!

Thnanks for sharing your vendor!

Have a great Day!

and if you can visit me I can visit you:)

iRaw said...

I like learning about new food - it looks delicious!

Pavithra said...

First time to ur blog really love to learn these recipes.. looks yummy.

Arfi Binsted said...

kue rangi? i am an indonesian and i am not familiar with the name. that makes me wondering. anyway, that looks great! i made baked sagon a long time ago and looking at this i might want to make it again!

My Little Space said...

Oh my, I've never try this before. They look so delicious...I wish I could have them right now...yum!

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