Thursday, August 27, 2009

My New Water Bottle

I just got myself two Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottles :)

here's the small 12oz one.

but first,
5 years ago, I bought a SIGG water bottle in Milan, Italy.
I bought the large 1 L / 33 oz red one.
I would spend a whole day in class and that bottle would last me for the whole day.
It was quite heavy to carry in the morning, but by the end of the day it was already empty.
So... it's way better to use my own water bottle than wasting 2 plastic bottles from the vending machine.
My friends were asking me what that bottle was and what I was drinking.
I filled it with tap water.... but later on I stopped using tap water coz my friend told me that it's better not to drink tap water in Milan because it has calcare or calcium deposit.
But it's a different story.....
Anyhoo............. I've not used my SIGG since then, because I forgot about it and because it's too big for daily use now ;p
But I found this article that says that the old SIGG bottle may leach BPA and mine falls into that category.

Moving on,
Most people here don't drink tap water, because.... well....tap water quality is not that good.
and Most people order the Gallon water bottles from Water companies.

I often see those big bottles transported on an open truck during the day, talk about not exposing water to sunlight ;p
And the gallon water bottle uses #7 type of plastic, which is polycarbonate, which may contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) and may leach the BPA into the water we drink.
But this is something I found out recently, and I've been drinking from this gallon water bottle all my life and I don't think there are other alternatives.

Then instead of buying water bottles, I usually use one of those Tupperware glasses/tumblers with the rubbery cap/lid.
But lately water leaks from the cap/lid and I bought a cap/lid replacement, but it wasn't really rubbery and I couldn't even put the lid on, so I don't really use it all that much anymore, besides I'm trying to avoid plastic usage.
I don't know which type of plastic is used for my tumbler, probably Polypropelene.
Tupperware uses different types of plastic on their products.
Info here :

And years ago, my dad got this little machine to distill water.

So I've been drinking that, but not entirely that, sometimes we ran out and we just drink the mineral water out of the gallon water bottle.
You can totally tell the difference, distilled water feels lighter when you drink it, maybe because the water's purer, so it feels thinner.
I don't know if distilling water will remove BPA.
There are also controversy about drinking distilled water because it lacks the natural occurring mineral in drinking water and it may drain your body from minerals, but some says it won't.
But hey... I still drink mineral water from the susceptible BPA leaching gallon water anyway.... oh man.
Besides.... the water that I use on a daily basis to shower may also contain BPA from the PVC water pipes and we know that everything we put on our skin, the largest organ of our body, is absorbed by our body.
So what next ? A water filter system for the whole house ?
Okay.... one thing at a time.... :)

Anyhoo.... in search for a better water bottle and to use it with my distilled water.
I finally got myself Klean Kanteen Stainless steel bottles.
well, my sis got it for me from Singapore. thx sis :)

my new Klean kanteen bottles with my old SIGG bottle.

Why Klean Kanteen ??
They say Stainless Steel is better, so.....
(but who knows what new research may suggest later on)
(besides, almost all my cookware are stainless steel)
There are other brands, but his one looks simple enough and I didn't know where to buy the other ones ;p
I got the wide one for easier cleaning, and because it has 100% stainless interior.
The wider mouth makes it feels like drinking from a glass instead of a bottle really.
From the outside, It kinda looks like my dad's old thermos.

I got the Wide bottles (12 oz / 355 ml and the 27 oz / 800 ml)
The small one to always have in my bag and the bigger one for when I need more water, exercising or to put in my car to refill my small bottle ;p

no corner inside, matte inside and out.
I can actually fit my hand in there when washing it.
and oh... the accidental scratching sound my nail made with the steel..... goosebumps.
It may leave water stain on the stainless steel surface after washing, it's always a good idea to always wipe the outer part dry after washing :)
Or'll have a subtle polka dot water stain all over, kinda decorative ;p

My SIGG bottle got dented..... I may have dropped it, but I can't seem to remember when.
Is my grip really that strong ;p
But the paint or the inside lining doesn't chip, so dat's a good sign.
The Klean kanteen bottles will also dent when dropped but hey.... I'm fine with that.

The waste afterwards....
2 clear plastic bags and klean kanteen paper tags.
I don't want to just throw them out and, so the 2 plastic bags are waiting to be reused and the paper tags are in my drawer, for now.

I'm so excited to use my new Stainless Steel Water Bottles :)
I only use it for water only (room temperature)
So..... I washed it with soap water. leave it to dry and used it the next morning.
I can smell that metal smell when I drink the water out of the Klean kanteen bottle.
not a strong smell, but it's there.
Can I taste the metal ? I'm not really sure, but if I can smell it, I might think that I can taste it as well.
Some people can definitely smell and taste the metal and someone else reviewed it and said "it taste like coin", mmm... I think that kinda describe it right.
But some people said that there are no metal taste.
So, it's probably because my bottle is still new or probably it's just that some people are more sensitive than others, me included.
My old SIGG bottle didn't have any smell to it, and my stainless steel kettle didn't have any smell to it, so probably the smell will go away after a few uses, hopefully.

Update : I filled the bottles with distilled white vinegar and baking soda and left it overnight, I also filled it with boiling water overnight (careful coz it's not a vacuum flask) and the next day, I thought I kinda still can taste the metal... But now, After a few uses, I don't really taste anything anymore, dunno if I've gotten used to it or the metal taste's gone away. :)

Just one thing though,
I've noticed that on the top part of the bottle, the stainless steel is folded, and it's probably to give it more thickness for safety purposes (so that u don't cut your lips drinking from it)

close up

Can you see what I mean ? It's folded like the blue line illus. on top right.
I don't know if it's tightly pressed or there's tiny gap in between.
So, will stuff get stuck in between there ? (food, oil, germs)
nevertheless, it creates a "corner" (where the arrow is) and stuff might get stuck there , so it's a good idea to use a brush the clean the top part when washing.

I've seen a cheap vacuum flask that has a smooth non-folded top part and it's not too thin.
I suppose, price wise, weight wise, factory standard wise, it's just suppose to be like that.
But I prefer to have a thicker heavier stainless steel bottle than having the top part folded like that. but hey... that's just me :)

I'm curious about other Water bottles and your experiences.
What water bottle do you use ?


Divina Pe said...

What a great looking water bottle. I hope they have it here in the Philippines. Thanks for the post.

Debra said...

do you taste a tinny taste? that was my concern. said...

Hi Divina Pe :)
They don't have it here either, my sis got it for me on her trip to Singapore.
But I think there would probably be a lot of other brands coming out soon everywhere :)

Hi Debra :)
I can definitely smell the metal, so that wasn't very pleasant.
I filled it with vinegar+baking soda overnight and the next day filled it with boiling water overnight. We'll see what happens.
Hopefully the tinny smell (taste) goes away. All my other stainless steel kettle that I use only as a water jug doesn't have that metal smell nor taste to it.

Pete said...

I have recently bought my Klean Kanteen insulated bottle in Singapore at this shop called Kool Depot.

Check it after reading your post and noted that this insulated bottle does not have a folded edge. The metal is much thicker and there is no folds.

I just love my insulated bottle because my ice cubes are still swimming in my bottle after hours. The water is ice-cold in a hot day and after games. said...

Hi Pete :)
dat's where I got mine from too :)
Really ? yours don't have the fold ? lucky you, they must have changed the model, I wish I could have that one instead :)

mine don't really have the metal smell anymore now, at least I can't smell or taste it (or have I gotten used to it ?, dunno hehe)

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