Monday, August 3, 2009

Panbis Cookie - Super-easy-to-make cookie

Pancake-Biscuit Cookie = Panbis Cookie
yup... it can be a Pancake or a Biscuit-y Cookie :)
It also requires such simple ingredients.
No baking, No Oven, No hi-tech equipments, No fuss.
No precise recipe.... make according to your taste and fun-chef-wannabe-intuition ;p
It's great when you have no ingredients at home, but want to make a quick tiny batch of cookie that can be eaten in 1 go.
All the ingredients are usually in your fridge and cupboard.
and if you just bought any of the ingredients, you can keep them there for weeks ;) no worries of finishing them up after opening.
So, this is perfect if you're craving pancake or cookies when you're stranded in a remote mountain area with no fresh ingredients and no oven.

This is also an update to the previous recipe,
I added lots of almond meal to the batter and reduce the flour a bit....
waaaaawwwww..... yummmmmmm
It turned out great.

Equipments needed :
Wide non stick pan
Spoon & Bowl

(makes around 10 cookies)
Mix everything in a Bowl.
- 1.5 tablespoons of flour, preferably organic whole wheat flour or anything healthier.
- 1.5 tablespoons of almond meal or more
Almond meal = almond powder.
- a pinch of baking soda (I think this also helps thicken the batter)
- a pinch of salt
- a dash of cinnamon powder
- enough (thick) liquid palm sugar, adjust to your level of sweetness taste,
you can always add again after all the ingredients are mxed
- add enough water (If your liquid palm sugar is really runny, then you don't even need to add more water)
- stir with spoon, should be like a thick smoothie consistency.
(If it's too runny, it's not good, but don't worry, just add more almond meal and flour)
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil, mix again (It's easier to add olive oil after the flour's mixed with water)
- I then add lots of black sesame seed and flax seed or anything else.
- or add any other finely chopped nuts of your choice.
You can add whole nuts, but they may get burnt first because they stick out (not inside the batter) when you flip them over on the non stick pan.
- Stir like 2 times ;p just so all the seeds and nuts are evenly distributed.

that's it,
- Take out your Wide non stick pan.
- Low Heat
- Use 1 table spoon to pour the batter onto the pan to make 1 cookie-like-shape.
- Repeat to use up the whole batter.
- Wait a while, flip.
- Don't leave too long if you want to make a Pancake
- Leave longer if you want them to be a crunchier Biscuit-y Cookie.
Remember Low Heat and a tiny bit of patience ;)
- then it's DONE !!!

and flip

It's Vegan !!! but it tastes oh so yummy -- to me :)
It's not like most cookies, It's my version of a Vegan cookie.
It's more of a haha hihi cookie, but it's a success -- to me ;D
It tastes similar to Anzac cookie, actually.
the Almond meal makes it moist and hearty.

- will try to bake it and see what happens.
- actually, will try to leave out the entire flour and see what happens...
will the cookies stick together only with almond meal ?
- will also try to add ginger to see if it turns out to be ginger cookies ;P

Info :
When you're stirring or mxing the batter with your spoon.
Just do it gently and normally, don't do it like you're whisking an egg, we don't want lots of air to go into the batter, it will make holes the Panbis cookies..... I think.
But adding lots of almond batter, makes the Panbis cookies more hole-y...... I think.
(see the little holes on the cookie ?.... that only happens after I add more almond meal to the batter, but that don't matter coz it still taste good)

I don't know if you can just use Palm Sugar powder, it's sometimes called Palm suiker,
but sometimes Palm suiker has added cane sugar / white sugar in it so I prefer to make thick Liquid palm sugar out of Palm Sugar chunks by boiling it, besides, there are sometimes dirt?/sand? residue, so I can strain it first.
Okay, I don't strain it, I just pour the liquid palm sugar slowly so the residue stay on the bottom of the pan.
oh... I'm so practical ;p

I don't know about the usage of non stick pans, some says it's not good, especially when the coating is scratched and you need to always have something on the pan (like oil/water)
so.... I dunno.... :)

and If the Recipe Fails....
Don't blame me ;p
but the Recipe's good tho ;)

PS. Eat the Panbis right away... after a while they get a bit harder, but still totally edible.
PPS. I ate too much Panbis just now.... typical me... I won't be making Panbis for weeks now ;p

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