Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traditional Desserts

Hmmm.... just look at all those traditional desserts, cookies, cakes, sweets.....
Yes they're not as glamorous and pretty as the famous french desserts and pastries, but they still rock all the way ;p

Usually on weekends, you'll see rows of trays full of desserts on the top of the display shelves.
but it's just a normal weekday when I took this pic, but still :)
Some are Vegan, Some are Vegetarian, Some are not.

Even though sugar is sugar is sugar, but I think traditional desserts are a better alternative than the modern sugary desserts. So I allow myself some sweets every once in a while :D
When you're craving for sweet stuff, going to this place will definitely make you drool.
except.... I'm trying to stop eating sugar for now :)

There are too many dessert names to mention here.
will post individual items soon as soon as I have more time :D *Slurp*

More pic

1 comment:

My Little Space said...

Oh my, juz look at those food...all my favourites are there! You're killing my with these...! Salivating...

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