Saturday, March 20, 2010

an Update

Wow... I haven't updated my blog in quite a while....
I just want to say...
I'm no longer a vegan now, I think I mentioned it before :)

and I'm kinda slipping back to the unhealthy junk food girl
I think I've gained 1 kg, not significant, but hey ;p
I feel "heavier" after each meal
and I think it's a signal to get me back to my healthy food again :)
altho I can't deny that it's been easy
I can eat whereever I'm at, friends and families can ask me out where ever and not have to wonder whether or not I can eat at that restaurant.
I don't have to prepare food or cook or wash veggies,
it was convenient, it was easy
and eating the food was great, I'm an eater, I love eating, so the eating part is good.
The after eating is the not so good part, the I feel "too full" part is not good.
So...I'm going to try to start eating healthy again
and I'm just gonna be realistic this time and not go straight to a clean healthy diet.
but slowly eating more and more of the healthy stuff.

I still have lots of pics of my Vegan food in my computers and I'll post them up again soon :)


Selba said...

Yay! I'm happy that you can "enjoy" your life now by eating everything again, not that I don't support you to be a vegan but hey... I always believe that everyone should know what the best for themselves and moderation is the key word plus I feel so sorry for the animal that already "sacrifice" its life then just ended up in the garbage just because the human doesn't eat meat. Oh well, you know what I meant ;) said...

Hi Selby :)'s been fun and convenient... but there r times where I don't feel good from eating too many fried food and meat.
So I suppose the key is balance :)
and I shouldn't be too lazy to jump into the kitchen n prepare my healthy vegan food :D

btw, I'd love to dig in to those pecel in your post !!! yuuuummmmooooo :)

loves2spin said...

I read your post about your trouble with water kefir, and that you live overseas. I live in the USA and I once sent milk kefir grains, live, to a friend in Finland. They got there in less than a week and grew just fine. I can't imagine why, unless the post to you is very slow, that water kefir would not survive as well. I would be happy to send you some just for the cost of postage, if you would like to try again. Contact me on my blog if you are interested.

Kefir would help you feel better. said...

Hi loves2spin,

Thanks for our offer, that's really sweet of you.
But the post is really slow here, even local letters take more than a week, sometimes even more, to arrive.
I really appreciate your good intention
Thanks :)

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