Thursday, October 22, 2009


Oh man... this is unbelievable...
I left stuff in the kitchen and it got burnt !!! again !!!
It happen once, I was in my room and I smelled something burning and I ran to the kitchen finding umm.. can't remember what it was, yes.... burnt.
I said to myself that I wouldn't leave anything in the kitchen unattended ever again.

I just did it again....
I was boiling this herbal medicine in the kitchen,
There was still approx half a glass left in the pan, so I gave it 5 mins
I even set up an alarm in my room.
5 mins later I got up and started walking to the kitchen.............. half way there I smelled something burning, so I started running to the find this

It looked moist because I pour water on it, but then I throw the water out and decided to took a pic of it to remind myself never to leave anything boiling unattended in the kitchen again.

I guess being a lousy cook runs in the family.... did I say lousy ? I meant lazy ;p

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