Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can u be 100% strict healthy vegan ?

Sometimes Vegans still eat a lot of junk food, me included ;p
I find it hard to be a 100% strict Healthy Vegan, but I'm trying though :)

I said in the beginning that I choose not to eat
Refined carbs,
Refined Sugar,
Fried Food,

But sometimes
(again.... similar reasons as before)
- There's no one at home and there's no food at home
so I have to eat whatever's there because I'm hungry
white rice/noodles and little portion of leftover vegs and maybe I boil some beans, but that takes a lot of time and I was hungry so I didn't.
So... white rice = refined white carbs

- I didn't have the time to prepare food
so I have to eat whatever's already prepared in the kitchen
white rice and fried tofu/tempeh and vegs from vegs dish mixed with meat
No time to boil those dried beans because I was way too hungry at that time.
So.... white rice = refined white carbs
fried tofu/tempeh = Fried Food
Vegs n Meat dish = Meat, although I didn't eat the meat, but still
or I work late at night and got so so very hungry I have to eat and so so very sleep at the same time, so I can't be bothered to wash vegs and prepare them , nor to cut some fruits, coz I know I'll get hungry again in 30 mins.
So I find rice (there's always leftover) and I make fried rice, sometimes with fresh garlic, chilli and ginger sautee together, and my recent guilty cheat is using instant fried rice paste !!!!
I seriously need to throw that little packet of dark paste out of my fridge ;p

- I just lack self control ;p
Craving attacks of refined sugar and refined carbs in the form of Traditional Vegan desserts !!! yummmmm
and craving attacks of fried tempeh and fried savoury crackers.

So... problems are :
Hunger ;p
If I get too hungry I just eat whatever available
then it's
Laziness... If I get too lazy then I just eat whatever's available
Time... If I don't have time, well... u get the picture.
and Cravings & Gluttony ;p

Luckily in the course of 6-7 months, that doesn't happen all that often.
Well... only on these past few weeks.... end of month 6 and going on month 7, I seem to be "out of control"
At least I'm making green smoothie almost on a daily basis now :)
and I'm improving..... promise !!

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