Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can you be 100% Vegan ?

I believe you can :)

But in my experience so far...
I've had silly mistakes

- Egg/Milk
Some traditional desserts/cakes that I thought don't contain egg/milk, well contains egg/milk. Nowadays people tend to add egg/milk to the traditional way of making things to make it taste better or more westernized.
So... my bad... it was my lack of knowledge of food ingredients.
Yes you can always ask, but sometimes the person selling the food doesn't even know what's in the ingredients.

- Fried Food
Yes we can make super crunchy batter just using Flour and water and Fry away, so sometimes what I thought is an egg free batter turns out to be an egg batter.

- Fried Food 2
I know I'm not supposed to eat a lot of fried food, well, actually, ideally I'm not supposed to eat Fried food at all.
But when I was on the road, travelling, I had to eat fried food, such as fried tempeh/tofu and rice, because that was the ones that are available and I ate rice because I want to keep being full for longer periods of time.
so I thought I'm still being a 100% Vegan by choosing fried Tempeh / Tofu. But..... They use the same oil to fry the tempeh and the Fried Chicken.
Okay... I should really try to avoid all fried food altogether.
(btw, Do you realize that a lot of food available out there are fried ?)

- Vegetable dish
Vegetables dish are sometimes mixed with microscopic chicken bits that you thought was minced garlic.
Vegetable soup is sometimes cooked with chicken stock.

- Friends and Families
When we travel / go out, I sometimes "annoy" my friends and families because when they've found a good restaurant, I prefer to look for another restaurant coz they don't serve Vegan food there.
Sometimes I choose to eat beforehand or even later on and not eat while they're eating, and they're fine with it and we still have a good time.
Sometimes I get take out and eat with them.
Sometimes I bring my own food and eat with them
and Sometimes, but very very rarely I just got tired and choose to eat just the Vegetables on the mixed vegs + meat dish. yes I can order just Vegs only, but it cost the same :( and sometimes the busy chef mixed the vegs with meat/egg because that's what they're used to doing so I had to re-order and it just gets tiring after a few times so I decided just to order what's in the menu and keep quiet :(

- Too Hungry
Sometimes I just didn't have time to eat and I got really really hungry and I really really must eat to prevent dying ;p
So I have to eat whatever's there.
Bread made with milk and egg
Rice with Vegetable from Veg n Beef dish, etc
luckily it only happened 2-3 times in the course of 6 months. okay maybe a tad more ;p

- Supplements
Some of my supplements use a Non-Vegan capsules, yupp... made from Bovine Gelatine :(
Some do exist in a Vegetarian/Vegan formula, but a lot of 'em don't.
I'll just have to use what's available.

So those are my silly mistakes
I suppose you can maintain being 100% Vegan when u're at home or on the go, but I sometimes just find it difficult to do but still trying though :)

How about you ?
Do you find it difficult to stay 100% Vegan ?

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Debra said...

Great post. So too.. If you generally don't leave your own neck of the woods it is in your best interest to call all of your local restaurants to see what they have that is vegan, how they cook their beans, do they have a seperate fryer for fried veggies etc.. Can they make you a special dish or salad is another good thing to ask. Most people think that refried beans or regular beans at a mexican restaurant is ok but most times it is cooked in chicken broth and with lard.
So it is good to ask.
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

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