Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do you need to have a bloodtest if you are a Vegan ?

I say if you can afford it, why not ? Go for it.
It's good to know your blood test result.
So if there's something wrong, you can fix it.

For me, I was going to have my blood check after 6 months of being a Vegan.
I was all excited about it, like a kid wanting to see her school report card after being "good" for 6 months, i even marked my calendar ;p
I also wanted to check my B12 and Folic Acid Level
But it cost around US$45-50 just to do that, each !!
besides I read that a bloodtest might not give an accurate reading of your B12 level anyway, but then again, I could be wrong.
and when you Add in the normal thorough blood check fee, it would cost me around US$250
So I decided to safe the money and not do the blood test.
Kinda disappointed, but it's okay :)

Now what ?
I'm now going to keep eating healthily and HAPPILY :)
also adding more Healthy Organic Raw Vegetables :)
and I think I'll add some supplements in my diet, because there are just some days that I don't eat a complete balanced diet and I might need some supplementations.
(It's a good idea to always consult your physician first if you want to start supplementing.)
but the bottom line is... I'll stay eating Healthily and Happily :D

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