Monday, October 12, 2009


When I buy grapes, and when I'm not lazy, I always pull them off their stems and rinse them under running water, sometimes soak them for a bit in salt water, then rinse them again with drinking water and drain.

So these are the grapes ready to be eaten and stored in the fridge.
mostly eaten before they even get to the fridge.
But they taste better cold.
They are even better frozen. :D

I'm now wishing for organic grapes :)


Debra said...

We love grapes- they don't last long in my house with 7 kids. Basically I bring them home and they are gone in 30 minutes.. I shouldn't complain- at least they aren't begging for candy! said...

I know how that is :D I have to stop myself from overeating grapes but in the end everyone keeps going back to the fridge :)

Debra said...

They never last long. My hubby won't let me buy them unless they are on sale for a great price- because he knows they will be gone within minutes of me opening the door.. You hear "GRAPES!!!!!!!" from the 3 year old on up to the 16 year old! :-)

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