Sunday, October 25, 2009

Green Smoothie with Aloe vera

I have aloe vera plants growing very nicely.
It's potted plant aloe and nobody even takes care of them, they just grow !

So... Today I made a smoothie with aloe
Also... I read that it's best to put aloe last in the blender as to not to break down the polysaccharide chain, besides, they get blended so easily n fast anyway.

Ingredients :
- Celery
- 2 Okras
- 1/4 of Cucumber (I just felt like adding it in)
- 1 Aloe vera (peel first)
- Mint leaves
- 1 Banana
- Watermelon, with seed

Put everything in the blender and blend (remember, add the aloe vera last)

After a quick taste, I decided to add half an orange
(sorry blurry pic)

Here it is, Smoothie with Aloe (and 2 okras)

Not the prettiest color, is it ? :)
But it taste quite good,
I make sure that the smoothies I make consist of raw green vegetables combined with nice tasting fruits, so it's easier for me to gobble down lots of raw veggies ;)

Before this, I couldn't eat raw aloe because I'd just slice the aloe meat into cubes and it was too slimy to chew and swallow.
People usually boil the cubed aloe meat to remove the slime and add sugar water and eat it as dessert, but I want raw aloe !!
Blending just raw aloe ends up in a slimy goo which I can't drink as well.
But blending aloe with other ingredients makes it easy to drink, in fact I can't even tell that there's slimy stuff in my green smoothie.
btw, Okra is also slimy....but there was no slimey goo in my green smoothie :)

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Vegan Epicurean said...

Not an attractive smoothie, you are right. But it sounds darn healthy!


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