Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anti Candida Diet - Day 1

(done on Oct 28th 2009)

This is my lunch today :)

Lunch :
- steamed cauli flower
- steamed carrots
- boiled tofu
- horenzo sautee
- sprinkled with spring onions
- drizzled with a little organic extra virgin olive oil
- seasoned with some salt and pepper

Okay... it's actually my breakfast, coz I woke up at 10 am and ate at around 11 am.
Lunch is the same thing at 4 pm
and Dinner is the same thing again at 7.30 pm, plus walnut :)
Okay... I read that walnut should not be consumed during the Anti-Candida Diet, and maybe tofu as well.
I don't usually eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch n dinner, well sometimes I do, but today I was just busy.....

So busy me ate the same food for breakfast-11am, lunch-4pm, dinner-7.30pm
After dinner, I made myself a herbal tea of mint and vanilla beans
- half a Vanilla pod and the bean seed scraped, boiled
- some mint leaves blended with little water and then strained
- pour the Vanilla infused water to the minty liquid

I can't seem to smell the vanilla, I guess the mint overpowers the vanilla, or there might be something wrong with my Vanilla pods.
I went to bed at around 9-9.30 pm ... yeayyy rite :)
I woke up at 1.30 am (I so hate waking up at night)
I felt hungry but I was just gonna sleep it off but the hunger got worse so I went to the kitchen.
There was fruits fruits and fruits, I was tempted, and I thought I got this slight headache because I'm just low on sugar and if I ate a sweet watermelon I'll be fine, but I opted for the avocado instead.
I ate about 1/2 of an avocado and went back to my room, but I couldn't sleep so I watched some TV.

This is when it got worse !
I seriously suspect food poisoning, but read on.
The headache and nausea gradually increased,
so at 3.30 am I went to the kitchen to find stuff to eat. I saw Fruits fruits and fruits again fridge is full of fruits.
I decided to cook, still headache and nauseous.
I felt my hands kinda shaking as I was cutting the onion.
I didn't want to get my mum to help me out in the kitchen at 4 am, that would alarm the whole house and my dad who doesn't even approve of me going Vegan in the first place would go crazy.
I still could manage myself at that point.

So, I mix together some olive oil, garlic, onion, leftover carrots and spinach.

See the clock at 4.25 am ?
I finished eating at 4.40 am, and I took an Acidophilus capsule (I didn't remember to take if beforehand)
I thought all the discomfort would go away.
But Nooo !!!
I even got a bucket next to me just in case I throw up, it totally felt like before (my Non-Vegan days) when I'd eat way too much stuff even though I was already full, (yes I'm dat greedy)

5 am, I was still nauseous, I couldn't sleep and I just sat there on my bed leaning on my 2 pillows againts the wall, but I was feeling better.

Suspects :
- Mint and Vanilla
I don't know whether I had food poisoning from either the raw mint leaves + boiled Vanilla beans.
I've had raw mint before and I've had the Vanilla beans raw, but I never got food poisoning.
Maybe it was a bad batch ? or maybe that wasn't the cause

- Avocado
Maybe the avocado was bad ? but it tasted allright, a bit too ripe, but still allright.

- "DIE-OFF" reaction from the candida dying inside of me ;p
(Herxheimer reaction)
People do experience nausea and headache, etc when they're on the Anti Candida Diet.
This is because the candida is starving to death because it doesn't get sugar and so it's releasing toxins.
But.... does this happen on the first day of the Anti-Candida Diet ???
I haven't been eating carbs (rice, flour, etc) lately and I was fine, I just eat lots of fruits, daily.
The vegetables that I ate was steamed, so it minimize the contamination factor as it's not raw.
and I never got "food poisoning" from steamed vegs so far.

Verdicts :
I don't know whether
1. I got food poisoning from the mint or the vanilla or the avocado
2. I just experienced the "die-off" reaction from the candida.

If it was food poisoning, then I'm fine now

If it was the "die-off" reaction,
then it's a good thing because that means those tiny "candida monsters" are dying inside me.
I didn't even know whether or not I have candidiasis, I did this Anti-candida diet as an experiment, because I don't think I'd do anything harmful by doing this for a week.
Did I really have that much "candida" inside me ?
But "Die-off" reaction only happens when the candida overgrowth is quite severe and you're under medication, but I'm not under any medication and the candida symptoms that I think I've got was mild : mood swing, feeling tired, poor memory, trouble sleeping, cravings for sweets, and Vitiligo. Those alone probably aren't even strong enough to say that I have candidiasis.

But if it was true, man that was a fast dying process for those candida,
Do "die-off" reactions happen just 1 day like that ?
What if in the future, I'm travelling and couldn't eat fruits ?
Would I get nauseas and headache as well ?
I think I've been out there on the road where I didn't even eat fruits for 1 whole day and I was fine.

Was I just low on blood sugar ?
but that never happen to me before, but the symptom includes feeling weak and dizziness.
"If you find that your energy level is low or you are experiencing dizziness while on the Candida diet, it is probably due to low blood sugar. If this happens, simply add a mid-morning and mid afternoon snack. .........After a few days of detoxing, some of your symptoms may become worse and you could also experience headaches. This is quite normal and part of the detoxification process"

Low blood sugar is associated with Diabetes and I don't have Diabetes.

I seriously think that I only got a minor food poisoning,
but If I did have candidiasis, I so wanted to kill those candida monsters by starving them ;p
that way, I'll obviously have a better health, and just maybe, it may help in curing & healing my Vitiligo. :)

next on to Day 2
we'll see what happens


Links :
Candida Diet

Candida die-off reaction / Herxheimer's reaction

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

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