Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anti-Candida Diet Day 3

done on Friday, October 30, 2009

Re-attempting the Anti Candida Diet on Day 3,
(after eating rice and fish curry yesterday)

I'll not force myself
If I feel I need fruits / complex carbs (sweet potato) for energy, I'll allow small portions, I won't over indulge.
But I'll definitely stay away from Fried Food, Refined carbs, and Refined Sugar.

I always drink plenty of water throughout the day.
8.25 am Woke up
I checked for "White Tounge" and notice my tounge is slightly whitish yellow inside, Is it yellow-y because I took a B complex tablet last night, or is it whitish yellow-y as a sign that I have candidiasis ?
(I did take pics but I decide not to upload it here ;p, I think I will later in the Anti-Candida Result post)
10.15 am 1 Acidophilus capsule (dunno whether it's still alive, it's been in the fridge for quite some time)
10.40 am Made myself a healthy blend of :
not measured, little portion of each
- fresh parsley
- fresh aloe vera meat
- 1/2 lemon
- fresh coconut water & meat

It turned out drinkable, and sour due to the lemon.
I thought by adding the coconut water might add a tad bit sweetness into the blend, but it didn't so I'll add water instead next time.
Just as I finished drinking it, I started to feel hungry, will eat soon.
11.50 am I Ate :
- steamed brocolli
- mung bean sprouts
- a little bit of almost raw spinach, boy it was hard chewing those.
1 glass of fresh coconut water + lil bit of the coconut meat
1 capsule of Kelp supplement

12:30 pm I felt kinda dizzy, maybe lack sleep
1 pm Ginger Tea (Boiled ginger)
1:30 pm Hungry again so I ate again
1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil
Feeling normal all day
slept for around 2 hours but kept waking up coz my dogs keep on barking
14:10 pm Lunch

5 pm woke up, hungry
ate mung bean sprouts + steamed carrot & brocolli + lettuce +olive oil + salt
St. John's Wort
Garlic oil capsule (I ran out of fresh garlic)
Organic spirullina capsule
6.40 pm Ginger Tea
hmm... I'm already starting to feel hungry again... just a bit, maybe it's me wanting to snack ;p old habits


I just noticed that I got an ulcer (sprue) on the left bed beneath my tongue. (sorry, dunno the medical terms of the mouth's interior)
It's a small minor one and usually go away by itself in a few days.
Sometimes I even got a mouth ulcer (canker sores) if I accidently hurt myself while brushing my teeth in a hurry and hit my gum with the toothbrush, hurting it and results in an ulcer. (I also wonder how come I'm that clumsy sometimes)
Interesting to see that there are articles linking ulcer and candida.
hmm... will read more into that.
But I think I got that ulcer because my immune system was down a bit due to the lack of sleep these past days.
(Update. the mouth ulcer went away after 2 days or so and I didn't even put any medication on it, so I think it wasn't linked with candidiasis)

Since I was taking pictures of my tongue earlier today, I had to open my mouth widely, which I suspect is causing the cracked corners of my mouth,
I sometimes also think that's caused by eating too much salt and/or where the salt (and oil) sticks there for longer period (aka I'm not wiping my mouth when or after eating... i know gross ;p)
So both corners of my mouth are a bit dry, slightly uncomfortable, but no noticeable pain.
But I went to this website and read that cracked fissures on the corner of the mouth is called Angular Chelitis and is caused by candida.
I don't think it's what I have though.
It's just cracked corner and when I ate my food with salt, it made the area even dryer.
If you had braces and you must know what it felt like after they used that plastic thingy to open your lips and take pics of your teeth.
yup... a milder version of that at the corner of your lips, minus the cracked lips.
(Update : the dryness on both corners of my mouth went away in a few days, it was just dry ;p and I was just paranoid)

and I do think I link things too much ;p
oh at least I'm learning a whole lot here.

8 pm Ate again, mung bean sprouts, steamed brocolli, cucumber
yes... I eat small portions throughout the day.
it's better for our digestive system.
and I got hungry so easily after a meal.
9.30 pm I'm feeling hungry again
but I'm just going to drink my Ginger Tea and sleep
1 am I went to sleep

I notice that I get hungry so often during this Anti-Candida Diet.

During Day 1, 2, 3
I didn't have any sugar cravings,
of course I wanted to eat fruits, just because my fridge is filled with them, but not like a really bad sugar cravings (for desserts)

About the nausea and headaches and feeling week on day 1 & 2
Day 3 is really good,
So the reason for "bad" Day 1 and 2 is :
- I might got food poisoning from either the raw mint + vanilla bean tea or the ripe avocado.
- I might have had the "die-off" reaction, which I'm not convinced because it happened on the first day, but then again, I might be wrong because some websites mention that the "die-off" reaction may happen as soon as day 1.

White Tounge Check
After lunch, after dinner
My tongue remains whitish on the inside part, my mum said it's still normal, but I don't know because I never really paid any attention to my own tongue.
The tip of my tongue remains a healthy pink though.
(Update : I think it's my normal tongue color)

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

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