Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anti Candida Diet Day 7

Introducing Fruits
done on Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6 am Woke up very very hungry, but still sleepy
6.20 am I ate
1/2 a cucumber
a little portion of yesterday's leftover fish
2/3 of an avocado
1/4 of a small granny smith apple
6.45 am - 7.20 am Morning sun, naked at home ;p
8.30 am 2/4 apple
8.45 am mouth ulcer is a bit painful now because it's in contact with my tooth when I'm chewing
(update. 4 Nov 09 - Day 8, mouth ulcer is still there but it's healing nicely because I can hardly feel it anymore)
9.20 am 1/4 apple
9.40 am I ate some broccolis, 1 piece of steamed carrots, and
I didn't really enjoy it
12.30 pm I ate asparagus, lettuce, parsley,
and "labu air", if I'm not mistaken, it's called bottle gourd (lagenaria siceraria) but this one doesn't look like a bottle
hopefully this is the right one

1 pm 1 Kelp capsule
1 garlic+parsley capsule
1.30 pm 1 Mega Acidophilus capsule
1/4 avocado
Road trip.... I went to Family Villa up in the mountain 2 hours away.
I napped in the car
5.30 pm Pre-dinner

3/4 of fish (white pomfret again)
steamed carrots
sweet potato - didn't finish the sweetpotato
feel so fullllll.... :)

7 pm a little nausea
7.10 pm 1 Mega Acidophilus
1/4 lemon + water
7.25 pm I started to feel hungry again
I just realized that I seem to get my Rainbow food from fruits.
Vegs are mostly green..... except for Eggplant and Tomato and Bell peppers and Purple cabbage... okay I got the point, but I'm not eating nightshade plants at the moment, and I read somewhere that tomato might be to acid ?

7.30 pm I went to a Restaurant, I was just going to accompany the rest of the family to eat and was going to eat at home afterwards and I got tempted.
I ate frogs with salted/pickled vegs (probiotic)
It had MSG, some corn starch/sago starch to thicken, and coconut cooking oil
a little bit coriander leaves garnish
3 small slices of cucumber, again, garnish
a tablespoon of rice
1/2 glass of fresh coconut
It was good !!!
But I'm thirsty now.

9 pm
I ate Muntahu (Tofu dish with prawns and minced pork)
I requested no salt, no msg, less oil, but it was still salty, I guess the tofu itself was salty or the chef added extra salty soy sauce, some people are just crazy like that.
2 little steamed carrots
1/2 coconut water
I'm too full now

I slept at around midnite perhaps
My nose was runny a bit because I was sleepy but the TV was so loud.
Woke up feeling fine the next morning :)

CAUTION : These posts are here for my own documentation and NOT as a guide on how to do the Anti-Candida Diet. I'm not a Doctor/Nutritionist so please do your own research, consult your doctor and Take care of yourself :)

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