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I noticed bad breadth during the first days of the Anti Candida Diet
but it went away in a few days
(I didn't experience bad breath during my normal Vegan days)

During the Anti Candida Diet
I'm always hungry, constant hunger
sometimes when I took a nap and woke up, I just got super duper hungry !!!!!!!!!
sometimes also in the mornings.


No sugar cravings
It's good to not have sugar cravings.
During my Anti-Candida Diet days I didn't have any sugar cravings at all.
I mean, you're no longer addicted and think about it all day, it's like being free.
No more cravings like crazy
No more going back and forth to the fridge
No more being dictated by the alleged crazy monsters, that lives inside you, too fetch them sugar.

when I normally eat fruits, (before the Anti Candida Diet)
I tend to cut and prepare too much, but ate it all, because, i'm greedy and "there's only 2 pcs left on the plate"
must control portion !!
Now I seem to eat less fruits at just one time and distribute it evenly throughout the day.

I appreciate sweet stuff more
fruits, coconuts
heavenly when eaten in moderation and not too much

Cravings are only in your head ?
wanting food is in your head ?
After I'm done with the Anti-Candida Diet,
I was on a strict diet a few days ago and I didn't want anything
but I stayed at home, so I didn't really have big temptations, except from cooked food at home.
But since I'm starting to loosen up a bit now, still on the healthy side though, I started wanting other stuff, not really craving them, just kinda wanting them, but not strongly.
Maybe I was a bit "envious" looking at other people eating everything ?
Maybe I was just bored at just eating vegs
When I said I was going to do the Anti-candida diet with all its restrictions, I didn't want any other food.
I started adding fish just because I thought I needed it because I didn't get enough nutrition by not eating fruits.
but I stayed on the healthy side.
So cravings and wanting food is probably just in your head ?
When you "restrict" yourself from a lot of food and picture a "NO" in your head, you don't want all kinds of food or junk.
but I found that "Once you "allow" yourself more food choices, then you start wanting more food"


Sometimes I found it hard to breathe, like there's not enough Oxygen in my room
I know I live in one of the polluted city in the world, but it was just worse a few times during the Anti Candida Diet
It only happened a few short times only and usually I feel okay after a meal.
Is it a sign that I was dying ? ;p

You know how sometimes when you're asleep and you hear a loud bang and you suddenly woke up with your heart beating fast ?
Sometimes..... like twice during this Anti-Candida Diet, I woke up like that, without hearing the loud bang.
Not a good sign, is it ?
but I'm good now....

I suppose if I had to re-do the Anti Candida Diet again
I'll definitely consult my physician, do a proper blood test, stool culture test, etc
But honestly, I don't really trust doctors here and I don't know if they really know much about candidiasis or not
and my being a Vegan might even "confuse" them
I know.... doing this on my own is "crazy" but I'm okay and nothing bad happened.
But this is just me, don't do this on your own though.



I checked my tongue and it's healthy pink around the tip and middle part
but towards the inside, it was kinda whitish, although I don't think it's oral thrush
As usual, I just keep on checking it day by day during the Anti candida diet
It looked the same on day 3, day 4, day 6, day 10
I supposed it's just my normal tongue color, although I think it's less white on the last days, but I could just be
You know how you can scrape your tongue to help remove toxins (white substance) that builds up on your tongue.
well, I didn't... actually I did, once, with a spoon ;p
the scrapings was whitish creamy substance.... yuck I know, but I guess it's just the normal toxins build up
but the tongue remains whitish.... so....
But hey... I went for a regular check up at the dentist last week and if it was oral thrush, my dentist would've definitely notice it right away.

2 nov 09 - 3.58 am
I checked my tongue again and on the whitish part of the tongue
(base of tongue / the back part of the tongue)
now have red dots on it.... not much, just some red dots
"Finally, red dots on the tongue can also indicate internal heat. You may find these spots specifically on one or both sides of the tongue"
I'm just paranoid, but are they just my normal tastebuds ?
okay....I think it's called circumvallate papillae

I don't know about this one
"The normal healthy coating should be a thin white layer starting at the root of the tongue and thinning as it approaches the tip of the tongue.
A thick white coating over all the tongue indicates respiratory problems; the thicker the more extreme the condition"

White tongue can also be caused by dehydration or toxins build up

White tongue can also be caused by internal heat (chinese medicine) in which we have to eat food with cooling properties.
it could also be caused by a weakening immune system
White tongue can also worsen if you have a cavity


When I eat mashed/puree raw garlic, It's just easy to swallow with some water
but sometimes ,
I get a slight headache/nausea for a few minutes, but it'll go awat by itself
recently, I concluded that it's probably because the garlic is stuck in the end of my oesophagus, just right before entering my stomach, I didn't drink a lot of water when I eat raw mashed garlic because I don't want to dilute the garlic, usually I'm fine after I take a bite of something, I think it helps "push" the garlic into my stomach. or maybe not...;p just a theory of mine.

Day 4 & 5
Soft supple cheek
Even though it seems like I haven't been sleeping enough, I don't look tired with panda eyes.
Just some tiny bumps on my forehead which always shows up when I lack sleep.

During the diet, I was busy noting my progress and what I ate and how I felt physically
candida diet, food, weak
I forgot the most important thing
being happy, calm and prayers !!!


and If I had to re-do this Anti Candida Diet
I'd rather not ;p
Why ?
it's time consuming to prepare all the food, and it's tiring to choose "wisely" what to eat and what not to eat,
it's time consuming to do the research ;p
it's time consuming to document the Anti Candida Diet
I'd rather be responsible in what I eat and control my sugar (or fat) intake all my life ;p
but it was good to do this on my own and learn more about myself and discover new things.
I now find that it's okay not to be 100% Vegan and everything is connected.
thus The Healthy Life Diet

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