Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The start of The Healthy Life Diet

Thursday, November 5, 2009

After doing the Anti-Candida Diet for 8 days, today is supposed to be the Anti-Candida Diet Day 9, but ..................

Today I'm starting my New Diet / Lifestyle
(actually it started on Nov 2, 2009, but it's official today ;p)
Let's just call it The Healthy Life Diet ;)
www.TheHealthy Life

It's not even a Diet, it's more of a Lifestyle, because it's all connected.
but Hey... it needs a name ;p

Healthy Mind, Mood Happiness, Love, God Healthy daily routine.
Sleep early, Wake up early

Morning Sun

it's important
It's Fun, it releases endorphin :)
it also makes you sweat and releases toxins.
Don't aim to lose weight, aim to have fun :D

Healthy Food
I'm still mostly Vegan and for now, I hope to stay Vegan by adding more raw vegetables.
I'm allowing some meat (fish, prawn, etc)
ONLY IF I really really want to and I can't get out of a situation where I have to eat them. and I won't feel guilty about it.
and still being candida-aware for now,
allowing sugar but in small amounts (coconut, fruits, complex carbs)
But in time, I hope to always be aware to limit my sugar intake in a natural way that I never over indulge in anything and always be in control of what I eat.
That way I don't have to "limit" my sugar intake or whatever-food intake because I'll always listen to my body and be in control of what I eat.

and If I had to eat out, Most Restaurant Food equals MSG and requesting for "No MSG Please" is useless, trust me I know, but it's a good thing to always order "No MSG Please"
So.... I don't think I'll be eating in Restaurants any time soon.
but at least I'm not restricting myself, I can eat n not feel guilty, even if i have to eat at home all the time ;p
My housekeeper is a kick ass chef, so I'm good :)
but she's also cooks the old-school way and refuses to change, so sometimes she'd make a quick prawn stir-fry but she'd deep fry the prawns first for like 15 minutes, oh my... I've asked her not to time and time again, but..... oh well... I can always ask again :)
and.... ummm... she always cooks vegs a tad bit too soft and I need to constantly remind her and she doesn't understand why I buy organic vegetables .... so... yupp... a little problem in that area actually ;p
and she often cooks way too hot and spicy for me and when I told her not to... she said "I thought you like hot & spicy food" or "your mom told me to cook this spicy".... I don't know if she's starting to be forgetful or she just loves hot & spicy food. yes she eats what we eat, afterall she's been working for the family for 30 years now.

yup... of course a little part of me is scared of going out of control and start eating a lot of junk food again and I'm also worried about the limited number of healthier food choice available out there but I'll stay "awake" and be in control.
besides, my body will definitely let me know if I eat too much "junk".

I know I'll still be bringing my own food often when I go out, but at least I have more food options and not feel guilty, although I'll still be extremely picky about what food I eat :) but it just feels liberating now.
but still picky..... ;p

My being a Vegan makes me have a constant weight.
and I feel light all the time, I feel good.
I believe this new Healthy Life Diet will also give me a constant healthy weight, and a healthy mind and body :)

So Embrace The Healthy Life Diet :D

Today would probably the Last Day that I'm noting all my food (still candida aware) and uploading it here, it does take a lot of time :) but it was fun, although time consuming ;p

6. 45 am woke up
2/4 small granny smith apple & 1/4 avocado
10 am finished eating

This is what I ate for breakfast
- raw cucumber,
- raw okra,
- raw Ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula Roxb) --> they're sweet and spongy
- sautée kangkung (Water Convolvulus)
- boiled winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolabus)
1 Mega Acidophilus capsule

12.40 pm finished lunch
- sautée kangkung (Water Convolvulus)
- boiled winged bean / kecipir (Psophocarpus tetragonolabus)
- muntahu (tofu dish with prawn bits and minced pork)
1 Kelp capsule
1 Garlic parsley capsule

1 - 2 pm Nap
2 - 2.30 pm 1/2 glass of coconut
- Muntahu
- raw Ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula Roxb)
- boiled winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolabus)
I thought I wanted rice but after one little spoon of it, I just didn't want it
1/2 glass of coconut water
1/2 glass of lemon water
tummy kinda full - heavy, maybe coz of the muntahu.
Okay... no more tofu for the next few days.
I probably shouldn't be eating tofu at all during the Anti-Candida Diet anyway.

Last night, the right corner of my mouth cracked a bit....hurt a bit when I opened my mouth. Maybe I lack sleep, and also I have what the chinese say "internal heat" and that I'd need to eat food with cooling properties.
but in the morning (6 nov 09) it healed very nicely, I didn't even put anything on it.

5.20 pm 1 glass of coconut
7 pm I finished eating
Muntahu - againnnnn I knowwwwwwwwwwww
raw parsley + raw dill
raw cucumber, raw okras
mung bean soup
1/4 coconut water
1 Mega Acidophilus capsule

8.20 pm 1 glass of coconut
I ate a total of 1 coconut today
9.45 pm 1 small granny smith apple
10.30 pm I notice I've got quite a lot of whitehead on my nose area (yuck I know) probably it accumulated during the 1 week period or is because of the 3 meat-eating days ? I dunno
I gave myself a little facial and I'm good now :D
11 pm - midnite Sleep

6 Nov 09 -- just briefly.... I can't stop noting what I eat
morning - lemon water
10 am Finished eating
muntahu - yes I've been eating it everyday in small portions
mung bean soup
broccoli and carrot
10.30 am - 11 am kinda weak
ate 2/4 apple and mung bean soup
I was fine after that
Pre dinner - I ate vegs drizzled with olive oil
Dinner 1 whole coconut at 1 go
a little portion of grilled fish (ikan kuwe/kue) which I didn't like but I just had to eat it because I was eating with other family members and they put the fish on my plate and I just couldn't return the fish. I really didn't feel like eating that fish but I ate it anyway.
Later that night I ate some vegs and apple

7 Nov 09
I'm back to totally Vegan again

8 Nov 09
I started eating strawberries
I ate salmon & vegs & brown rice
I ate dragon fruit

9 Nov 09
I started gym woohooooooooo !!!!
so happy, so excited

I ate peanut sauce salad and crackers and rice
let me elaborate that
fried peanut, palm sugar, sweet soy sauce, fried crackers + msg, white carbs
but so happy ;p

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