Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What if I go out of control ??

(since I'm no longer 100% Vegan)

There are Times when
I want to be like before
like my family and my friends
to be able to eat everything and not care & stay healthy

Now when I read more, I learn more, I know more, I also get more food restrictions = headache ;p
or how to cook this, how to prepare this, how to combine foods, etc etc etc
I used to eat everything, no worries, but I'm always about 2-3 kg overweight from my current weight.
when I was in Australia & Milan, I got fat and also I got acne because of all the dairy, cheese, sweets, that I ate,
but happy and also not happy because I'd feel stuffed and being a bit fat & have acne due to my comfort food choices is also not flattering ;p
But it was so easy getting food, I could just go anywhere and find food,
so should I go back to not care about nutrition and eat whatever I want again ?
Especially now that I'm no longer 100% Vegan.

But I can't, even if I want to
and that's not a bad thing.
Now, My body would definitely tell me if I ate too much junk
It's like a natural indicator
too much fried food = throat starts to feel bad
too much fatty food = tummy feels uncomfortable
we all have that natural indicator, but most of use seem to ignore it.
Our rational mind says NO to comfort food, but we tend to surrender to our cravings for comfort food and not think ahead / in the long run.
I suppose people who are more conscious about their health and who are eating healthier are more aware of these things.
Raw foodist for example, they may be way more sensitive about these things than I am.
I'm just a beginner and I'm still learning lots and lots of stuff by the minute.

Whenever I want to eat easy-to-reach comfort food like most people
I go over to other people's websites
Raw foodist, Vegans, I'd just go over to their blogs and I'm just glad I didn't eat junk
All those healthy yummy creative food at their blogs
makes me crave healthy fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk.
These people are really good in cooking, they come up with all sorts of creative food combinations and they're also great photographers :)
my only problem is I don't like spending time in the kitchen ;p but I love to eat

and What about when I want to eat meat ?
when I want to eat desserts ???
Should I refrain from them forever ?
Should I be Vegan forever ?

I know I'll always change, people change
and I was a strict Vegan for almost 8 months before, but I'm not at a point where I'm allowing a small amount of good quality "comfort food"
They make me happy, they make me enjoy my meal, they make me to be able to share food with families and friends again
but of course,
First, I find a healthier alternative if I can
Second, If there's no healthier alternative, I'll make a choice, to eat it or to not eat it.
If I allow myself to eat it, I'll eat it responsibly, in smaller portion and guilt free.
There's no point in allowing yourself to eat something and not enjoy it and feel guilty the whole time, you might as well not eat it at all.
what can I eat ?
it varies.......
I know I won't be drinking milk or eating dairy ice cream anytime soon because just thinking about it makes me tummy uneasy now.
I used to love Haagen Dasz Green Tea ice cream and the Banoffe I tried in Barcelona was to die for.
I just don't want it anymore at this point.

Since I've started going to the gym, I've started eating more now.
Sometimes way too much ;p
So I'm going to have to stop pigging out on food and be in control again.
By being in control I don't mean restricting food portion drastically just to keep my weight.
No.... for the past 8 Vegan months I can eat healthily as much as I want without gaining weight.
I think I can maintain that healthy lifestyle for the future.
Although I won't be 100% Vegan now, I know I'll definitely stay on the healthy Vegan side and adding more raw fresh Vegetables to my food
and fruits, nuts, sprouts, etc etc

By listening to my body
I know I'll definitely choose not to eat junk naturally
Being responsible means I'll be "awake" and realize what I'm doing / eating.
Eating Healthily is also as important as Eating happily :)

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