Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cendol / Chendol Dessert

I've always had a sweet tooth.
Dessertsssss........ I'm there...........

So... we're now talking about Cendol or some people write it chendol.
A totally traditional Indonesian dessert and it's Vegan :)

It's made out of Rice flour
some people add sago starch or mung bean starch (Hun Kwe)
but I don't like it if they use mung bean starch / powder coz the cendol becomes chewy and I prefer the cendol to be soft and smooth and just slides in your mouth. mmmm :)
The green color is from Suji leaves. (Pleomele angustifolia N.E Brown)
yup... it's all natural :)
add a little Pandan leaves, and boil the rice flour together with them and it becomes sticky and green and pass it through this thingy with holes and this is what you get.
or you could use one of those manual potato presser/masher that has little holes in it.

So traditionally, you serve it with palm sugar and coconut milk.
Don't add white sugar, palm sugar is sweet enough, plus it adds that nice chocolatey color and it tastes great with coconut milk.
btw. We have fresh coconut milk readily available here, but If you're Vegan and you buy it in packets in supermarkets, liquid or powder, make sure you read the label, coz they sometimes add milk protein.

So, this is what you get, all ready to eat.

Ohh... I should put more to fill up the glass.
I just had 3 glasses, so I was quite full then
and I wanted to eat this one after taking the pic, so I didn't fill up the glass ;p
Serve it cold... add some ice cubes if you want.
Some people also add jack fruit cut into tiny pieces.
Add anything you want :D
Enjoy !!

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