Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chinese style Sekoteng / Cheng Teng

This is a Chinese style Sekoteng (read : Scot-eng)
not the traditional Indonesian sekoteng, though.
If you happen to be in Singapore, it's called Cheng Teng / Cheng Tng.
They may add more stuff in, it depends.

This is what they put in the Chinese style sekoteng here.
Dried longan (my fave), barley, hulled mung bean, white fungus, candied winter melon, lotus seed. They also have red dates, but I don't like it, so it's not in the pic.

They're kinda like a "soup-y" dessert, and it's served with sugar water, I think they add pandan for aroma, but since I'm avoiding white sugar, I made my own "soup" using pandan leaves, ginger slices and palm sugar. It's a healthier alternative and it adds that warm gingery feeling :)
Oh... and I also add lemon grass there, why ? they're in my fridge and it won't change the "soup's" taste since the ginger will overpower the lemongrass's taste anyway, so I just throw em in, it's healthy rite ;p
mmm... golden liquid

So, this is what it looks like , ready to eat, submerged in golden liquid :)
Serve it hot or cold, they're just as good ....
and yes... it's Vegan :)

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