Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mint and Pandan "Tea"

I basically just boil some Pandan and Mint leaves.

and voila

So this is my Herbal Mint & Pandan "Tea" without tea :)
Sip it warm without sugar :)
Best if accompanied with a traditional Vegan Dessert
ps. the cucumber is actually there to help the pandan leave to stay in place ;p

I can't seem to get that strong Mint taste that I usually get with the Mint Tea they sell in supermarket (Tea bags in box packages)
My favorite is Morrocan Mint with Green Tea :)
You can really taste the wonderful mint taste, I used to add white sugar and drink it like that.
Do you think they add an artificial mint flavor to get that mint kick ?

I once bought an organic Mint infusion.
It was too strong for me :(
I ended up not using the whole box.

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