Monday, May 4, 2009

Mung Beans soup

My mum used to make me sweet Mung beans soup as a sweet dessert when I was a kid.
She'd add Pandan leaves and sugar and boil the mung beans till soft.
then She'd serve it with added Coconut milk.
Warm or cold, I liked it.

But right now I'm not eating white sugar, so I use Palm sugar.
and It's even quite good to eat it without sugar, just add olive oil and salt to make a warm soup.

I read somewhere that the Health Properties aren't lost/decreased when cooked,
but at Calorie count, it resulted differently, Vitamins, minerals, protein are decreased when cooked. Mung bean raw vs Mung Bean cooked.
Or you can just go here to the USDA NAtional Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

But I don't know, besides, How can you eat raw Mung beans ? Can you ?
Do you grind them till soft and sprinkle on your salad ?
I do that with my Flax seed, sometimes.... ok... very rarely.... :P

And Mung beans are used to make beansprouts as well.
will post on how to make them. (my way of course)
So far, I've made beansprouts around 10 times ? haoheaoheoa
very productive

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