Monday, May 4, 2009

No coffee & No Tea

I haven't had Coffee and Tea since 1 April 09.

Well... it's more like I haven't had a proper coffee since Italy.
(cafe/coffee in Italy is espresso in America)
Plain simple coffee made with a cafetiera or the ones in a bar, add some milk and sugar or Baileys. yummmm....... they're dessert for me, at least twice a day everyday when I was living in Milan.
Cafe au lait, cafe creme etc in Paris was also not as good.

plus, Coffee for me is Coffee + Milk + Sugar
and since I'm not taking in dairy products now, so no milk means no coffee.
I love the smell of Coffee... they're heavenly.
but I just don't like plain black coffee, it's way too bitter for me.
plus the body cleansing part means I shouldn't be taking caffeine bla bla bla.

And I'm also not drinking tea at the moment.
But ......
I had tea just now............
It was one of those bottled tea with white sugar !!
I heated it up and add lemon so it was warm and sweet and lemony....
mmmmmmmm :)
So I'm allowed stuff in my-No-drink-No-eat-List every once in a while.
I make the rules so I'm allowed to break them.
It's back to No Tea tomorrow, but I totally enjoyed the Tea just now :)

ps. I read that it's bad to drink Tea + Milk because the milk cancels the health benefits in Tea.

pps. If you're bored drinking the same Tea taste over and over again, Drink those herbally infused Tea for variations in taste, or better yet, Get a good quality Chinese Tea, they have different Tea varieties from different regions which give different aromatic smell.
I also love those Korean tea mixed with Roasted brown Rice and corn.

ppps. You can also visit Mariage Freres when you're in Paris
They have crazy selection of Tea in beautiful packagings.
I remember seeing blue tea, red tea, green tea, yellow tea, yupp... in colors.
they mix their tea leaves with flower petals, other leaves, etc etc
then I remember smelling Tea A, Tea B, Tea C, Tea D, etc untill I didn't know which one's which.

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